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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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MacBook Air does not turn on. Charger stays in orange

Hi Everyone,

I have a MacBook Air 13 '' Model A1466 EMC2925

It does not turn on, and when charging, the MagSafe stays at orange. I have left it over a day now, and nothing.

I suspect the issue is the battery, but I'm not totally sure.

Is there a way to prove it?


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I’m having the same issue with the same early 2015 MacBook Air. MagSafe stays orange and it won’t turn on. I tried removing the battery and the MagSafe stays Orange and still won’t turn on. So I don’t think it’s the battery. When I try to do the SMC reset the MagSafe light flashes green before going back to orange and nothing other than that happens. Nothing seemed to cause the issue. Any help troubleshooting is appreciated.




I have the exact same issue. I think the comment above where he mentions it might be humidity issue may apply. Did you expose your board to any humid environment (it can even be in an are where the nights are very cold and the days are hot).


If disconnecting the battery fails to allow the system to boot your systems logic board has a problem in its charging logic.


Having the exact same issue. Early 2015 MacBook Air (A 1496). MagSafe stays orange and it won’t turn on. I tried removing the battery and the MagSafe stays Orange and still won’t turn on.


I am also facing the same issue. I have a 2013 MBA which does not turn on & the charging light stays orange only for days & weeks. When I have it checked at one of the local shop, they said motherboard needs to be replaced which costs around 26000 INR. Could anyone please help me what should I do to fix my McBook Air?


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I have the exact same issue on a client's Macbook Air (13" 2015) : the charger goes orange even when the battery is disconnected. The first time she brought it to me, the battery was fully discharged (after several weeks unplugged) and the macbook worked fine, but after one day or proper operations, the issue went back : impossible to turn it on. The Apple Store told her that the motherboard needed a replacement (a 600€ repair).

I’m wondering if a replacement of the left IO board would solve this issue

Update (08/25/2020)

At the end, I didn’t post the final result : it was an oxidation issue with a faulty charging IC, I found someone in my area who changed it for far cheaper than the Apple store

Block Image

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Great post, Thanks for taking time and solving this issue here.


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Probably a board issue. If I had to guess i'd probably say corrosion on C1910 or in the u1900 area. Really common on MacBook Air's from the humidity in the air.

I'm guessing this isn't liquid damaged?

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No it is not water damage

Do you know a good way to start looking up for this components ?

Or a guide to start repairing on logic board

I do have some knowledge , but not as much


Ernesto, Do you have microsoldering equipment and a microscope?


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You'll need to disconnect the battery and then plug in the MagSafe charger at that point the system should startup on its own.

Here's the IFIXIT guide to pop the bottom cover and disconnect the battery: MacBook Air 13" Early 2015 Battery Replacement follow the steps to Step3

Tell us what happens at that point.

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Hi , Thanks for the reply

Unfortunately it didn't work

I'm guessing next step would be checking the power on button?

The computer does not make any sound when I press the button


This was a diagnostic process to isolate the issue down a bit. So the logic board is working so that would aim us to the battery needing replacement. Once you have the new battery its important to then check the charging circuit using CoconutBattery take a snapshot Adding images to an existing question and post it in a fresh question so its not lost here.


Dan, this fixed my issue (MBA power charger cycling green to amber but won’t start) - do I need to replace the battery?


Sadly, the issue is the charging logic on the main board.


Hey, i tried this, and it turned on, so what should I do next?


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Hi, I had a similar problem and after visiting the Apple Store, talking to various repairers without progress I concluded it was the power supply or connection. I used some blu-tack to clean the small connector points on both male and female of the Magsafe / MBA and that fixed it. Seems the problem (for me) was just dirt & dust on the connection points that seemed to allow a connection, but not enough to power up or charge. Hope it works for you.

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Maaaaaannnnn you saved my life


After much searching this fixed the same issue fir me. Brilliant!!


crazy trying all other ways since 10 days but this small trick made it work...thanks a lot bro


This really just worked. Thank you so much!


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Had exact same issue, MBA (early 2015, A1466) does not switch on at all & charging light on the magsafe cable remains orange.

After trying everything including remove battery etc tried switching it on after removing the Trackbad/Keyboard cable (from any one side, either from the logic/mother board or from the trackpad side.

MBA boots up fine now and battery etc everything shows ok in about screen. FYI, it also boots up fine with external keyboard mouse connected over USB or bluetooth.

Probably need to replace either the keyboard or the touchpad ? (Though its strange that even fan wont turn on if kbd cable is attached)

Any way to know which one to replace - kbd or touchpad ? The keyboard cable connects to touchpad which in turn connects to the main board so i can eliminate them by connecting one by one.

Or maybe just the touchpad cable ? The moment i insert it into the zif connector system shuts off at once.

It seems instead of replacing keyboard its better to replace keyboard+top-cover; Is that correct ?

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I had a similar issue but it was an A1465 MBA, that would not boot so I did some YouTube research and it pointed to the I/O board being defective. So I removed the connectors, and battery (of course, the first step), no damage so I proceeded to the reassembly process. Reconnected everything and would not boot, removed the battery and ran it on AC power it would boot. Then I let it charge completely and powered on fine, ran the Coconut utility and that showed perfect health except the cycle count was 859, Shutdown the machine and put it all together, it was dead. Re-opened the laptop, disconnected the battery, and ran on AC Power, everything works beautifully. Just to validate my testing process, I reconnected the battery and AC Power, (Dead), removed the battery, and boots up fine every time. The Battery was the culprit although Apple System Report showed Normal conditions along with Coconut. Always keep spare batteries on hand - Lesson learned. Sorry for the long message.

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