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4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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iPhone SE NFC antenna not working after housing replacement

I replaced my iPhone SE into a clear plastic custom housing shell that i bought online. For picture reference on what i'm even talking about, here is a photo. Everything on the phone functions perfectly, except for the NFC antenna.

I didn't notice this for many months because i rarely ever use apple pay. But i just decided to today and failed to get it working. Everything else on the flex cable works perfectly (volume rockers, mute switch, flash, power button, & vibrator), but nfc doesn't seem to function at all.

Does having a plastic shell inhibit the ability to use NFC? Did i not move a certain part over? Any ideas on how to trouble shoot?

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I replaced the housing on my iPhone SE and ran into the same problem — Apple Pay didn’t work. After a lot of troubleshooting, I realized that the NFC antenna contact was misaligned.

This is an old post. I’m posting my solution to spare the next person who runs into this from the headache.

The offending contact is here:

Block Image

The circled screw secures the NFC antenna (built into the power button flex cable) to the motherboard. Note the small, metal, inverted “J” coming out of the left side of the screw.

That exposed piece of metal, pictured here:

Block Image

Needs to make contact with the motherboard pad pictured here:

Block Image

(Ignore the highlights around the two chips. We’re looking at the line on the top left of this photo.)

It’s very easy to either place the motherboard on top of the ribbon or to screw the surfaces together sideways, resulting in poor contact between the two components.

Good luck!

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You made day!


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The NFC antenna is connected to the Power Button Flex. [Dead link removed]

You may have either damaged the flex, connected it improperly or there is an issue with your replacement housing. Generally speaking, the housing is part of the antenna. If all your other antenna's work, then it may just be one of the first to options above.

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Yes i understand the whereabouts of the NFC antenna. The flex connector seems to be fine since everything else on the flex works. All of my other antennas work fine (Cellular, LTE, Wifi, & Bluetooth), so i dont really know why only the NFC is broken


Like I said, generally speaking, the housing is part of the antenna so there may be something wrong with your housing. You may have forgotten a small spacer or used a wrong screw. You could also try to put everything back in the original housing to see if the problem follows the flexes or the housing.


Unfortunately, if any of the top flex cable buttons fail(sleep/wake for me), no replacement flex appears to have the NFC antenna included. There is video from fixit planet where the operator rips/scrapes the antenna of the original flex and somehow attaches it the new one. It is unclear, especially as it is a critical procedure.

I replaced the flex in an SE but wasn't game to try this brutal option. Everything works now except ApplePay :(


Same problem here. No replacement flex seems to include the NFC part. I also don't find the NFC part on its own. Does anyone have an idea where to get it?


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elahd  Thanks dude.

(I use online translator)

Your instuction helped me. The reason for the breakdown was different. Under the NFC connector, near the battery, a sealing parallon has fallen. And modern NFC contact block stopped working.

I cleaned the contact under the bolt (unscrewed from the board, back to the thread retainer) and restored the contact on the connector. NFC is working again.

Block Image

Other instructions on the Internet did not correspond to reality.

Good luck.

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