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4 Kasım 2017'de satışa sunulmuştur. Model A1865, A1901. GSM ya da CDMA olarak 64 ya da 256 GB kapasitelerinde, Gümüş ya da Uzay Grisi renklerinde satılır. ("iPhone 10" olarak da telaffuz edilir.)

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My iPhone X got Water Damaged


My iPhone x got water damaged by failing in water

After the phone filled in the water, it was working fine but later on I found out that it did not accept charging anymore and I could not turn it on again

I don't know what my chances.

Are you guys able to fix this kind of issues?


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Even though it is IP67 water *resistant* unfortunately does not mean it is waterproof. I seems to have done well in reviewer tests, but some units just have bad seals. If you have AppleCare+, you can get it replaced, but it is not covered under warranty.


Unfortunately I don't have apple care


My iPhone X got water damaged but in a completely different way. The camera lens is now very foggy from the inside. I don't know how to clean/fix it.


My iPhone X keeps turning off and on after I got out of the pool. I wasn’t aware of this not being waterproof and can you guys fix it. How much will it cost?


They told us at Verizon that it has a safety feature and shuts down if it gets wet and to goto walmart and buy some of those psylic acid packets that you find in things like tylenol bottles they remove moisture so they said put the phone and a bunch of those in a ziplock back and seal it it pulled the moisture from the camera and phone now works great!


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For now, I would get it OOW replaced with Apple. It will be expensive but I don't think there are many third party repair shops that are routinely doing micro-soldering on the iPhone X. You may have more luck with some of the big Chinese shops like Rewa or G-Lon so you could always research them.

The iPhone X has a sandwiched pcb design which makes it very challenging to repair. Check out the teardown if your curious.

You can follow the troubleshooting tree here for some other ideas.

EDIT 2018/07/05

Just to note that there are now new tools which greatly improve the success rate of micro-soldering repairs on the iPhone X. My comments were temporal in nature considering the newness of the device at the time.

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Thank you so much

I just don't understand what do you mean by OOW replaced?

Apple says the only thing they can do "replace it with new iphone which going to cost almost 600$"

Is that what do you mean?


Yes, OOW is "Out Of Warranty"


I have the same issue now


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if you have all your data backed up you should get a out of warranty replacement but if you have data in it that you need you can attempt data recovery but once the phone has been in water it will never work the same. you may also need a new phone depending on the damage caused to the board! Good Luck!

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