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Repair guides and support for tablets by Kocaso that use the Android operating system.

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My tablet makes a wierd buzzing noise

Hi,I just recently came across my old tablet that was in the Boxes while we were moving to our new home.When I powered it on though,it kept on making some sort of wierd noise whenever I had it plugged in,or doing something on the tablet.I tried Factory Resetting the entire thing,yet it strangely did not work.My volume was off.And when I turned the display off,I felt some major heat coming off near the camera.

Keep in mind that it is still charging while I am currently using the tablet.I am using my iPad Mini for writing this question.

Update (10/05/2018)

I had it plugged into my power strip,here’s a pic of it

Block Image

I have two of that power strip,it’s silver rated I think,but I had it plugged into the USB 3.0 ports at the end to charge.It was coming through both the strip,tablet & charger.But I have it plugged into my PC,and it’s not making any noise.

Update (10/06/2018)

Block Image

Had to repost Primary strip

Update (10/05/2018)

Block Image

This I saw the one that I am going to be using,as I use it the most during the day,the one that I shown you earlier was in the evening.It tries to basically tilt off what little room it has,so that’s why I have to put my finger’s on it.The cords lead to the following from left to right:

-Black Cable leads to Xbox One S

-Light Grey Cable leads to Wii U Gamepad charger

-Black Cable leads to Smart TV

-Light Grey Cable leads to Wii U Main Power

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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Hi @indianarox ,

Is the noise coming from the charger?

Can you plug the tablet into a computer using the charger cable and check if it makes the same noise?


I'm listening to music on mine and it keeps making a weird buzz sound and it's not charged up to anything and when I'm not using it, it still makes a buzz sound.


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Hi @indianarox ,

if it is possible, switch off the device connected to the plugpack that is in the power strip and then remove the plugpack from the power strip and plug your tablet back into the USB ports and check if the problem is still there.

This is to isolate where the problem may be emanating from, the plugpack or perhaps the power strip’s built in adapter that is converting the AC power from the strip down to 5VDC that is necessary at the USB ports.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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I lost the plugpack a while ago,and right now I am currently using usb-type c connection to charge.


Hi @indianarox ,

I meant the plugpack that is shown plugged into the powerstrip in the picture you posted.

Sometimes when plugpacks go faulty (generate electrical hash) they can reflect back through the power feed.

This way you can prove whether the problem is in the powerstrip or in that plugpack

Plugpack out of powerstrip, tablet connected to powerstrip USB - no noise - faulty plugpack


Plugpack out of powerstrip, tablet connected to powerstrip USB - noise - faulty powerstrip


Oh,the plugpack is for my feeding pump.I would rather not go into detail,but I have Mito In Complex 1 & 3.


Hi @indianarox ,

That's why I initially asked if it was possible to disconnect it (only temporarily) so that you could determine where the noise is emanating from


Alright.I am currently outside the house,as I also do Horseback Riding,and we are just practicing for an hour.I’ll message you what happened as soon as I get back and follow the instructions.


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