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I dropped iPhone 6, half of screen unresponsive but phone turns on...

I dropped my Iphone 6 the other day, and hours later noticed i couldn’t type in my password. Only the one digit works, and when I try and tap on the other side of the screen it does that weird thing it does when you press to hard. The places where the screen is broken function properly, just don’t let me use them. I restarted my phone which was stupid because my finger print let me access everything, but now it requires my pass code, which i can’t put in. Does anyone know if i take it in to fix it if they can? Or would it be to expensive? Or will I maybe need to get a new phone? I wasn’t sure because I have a six and the screen looks completely fine. Oh and by the way, I have cracked my phone numerous times, and my phone was previously cracked when i dropped it this time so my phone also has cracks, i dont know if that makes a difference but I have cracked my phone iv’e had for almost three years about 4 times. I didn’t know if my phone being older plays another factor in most of the screen not working when i dropped it, please somebody reply i need help as soon as possible. Thank you so much, Bethany

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You most likely have a damaged screen from the drop. Try Sebastian’s recommendation first (reseating the connectors) by following this guide. If that doesn’t work, then the next step is to try a new or known-good replacement screen. If a replacement screen doesn’t solve the problem, then you have a logic board issue (which would be caused by the repeated falls/drops over time).

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Open the phone take the shield off the connectors and disconnect and connect the digitizer connector, same thing happened when my daughter dropped her 6, the connector popped off and one line on the left wasn’t responsive.

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