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Working noise but no more sign of life?

Hey Guys,

Nearly three weeks ago I (shame on me) spilled some beer over my MacBook and it instantly shut down. I removed the charger, put it on the side and let all the fluid run out. Waiting one day, I opened it and cleaned everything I could see, which was not that much. Lucky me it worked again and since then I had no problems at all, although I was using high performance (gaming, hd movies etc). Two days ago, I ve seen that it was shut down, however I did not do it. I tried to restart it but nothing happened. I just got a black screen, nothing else, the small white indicator at the right front shows a permanent light, i can hear the hd and the fan. The keyboard shows no sign of life either, as the CAPSLOCK does not turn green when I press it. Since then my mac started once for a couple minutes and than without warning shuts down. Everytime I boot it, I guess I hear the same noise as when it restart itself but nothing more. I do not know what I can do and what problem I have, so I am desperate and hope any one out there can help me.

Thanks in advance

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I tried to reset the SMC, with no effect! The Battery shows that it is working and can be charged.


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it worked for 2 and a half week fine, do you think now there is a possibility that suddenly there is damage because of the fluid?


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