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The XP-410 features the latest in wireless standards, plus Wi-Fi Direct1. And, it supports Apple® AirPrint™ and Google Cloud Print™. Built-in card slots,a 2.5" LCD and convenient touch panel make it easy to print borderless, customized photos in various layouts, PC-free.

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My printer is will not print.

My Epson XP-410 printer will not print. Says it must be connected to the WiFi which it is. I have installed a new driver and updated the firmware. When doc is put in queue is says error. This printer is the default. What do I do next?

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Make sure both printer and computer are on the same network, ( wireless). if they are add the printer to the computer and it should work. if not visit the printers’s website for install support.

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you should also check the printer IP and that of the PC driver property box... they must be the same... most of the time this error occurs when you are connected through LAN or Wireless... i will suggest you try printing through USB connection


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Are you using 3rd party ink? Epson is starting to pull a Lexmark with 3rd party ink carts and blocking them in firmware. This is happening on the small black cart printers and the traditional sized black cart ones.

PRAY you can get into recovery mode and downgrade the firmware to a revision that’s 2-3 versions old if you can find it, as Epson pulls old firmware to screw people into buying their ink. NEVER UPDATE EPSON FIRMWARE ON BLACK CART MODELS. Stick to a 3rd party safe firmware and DO NOT do it again. Hopefully you can use these instructions to downgrade the firmware.

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