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This is the device page for the Sony VAIO VPC-EB33FM laptop containing troubleshooting and installation guides.

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laptop is 11 years old now it has many issues; too many to put here

it got water damaged years ago due to my parents lack of responsibility to report the leaking roof that eventually collapsed and all that water got in my laptop the apartment was condemned; but no didn’t sue the landlord for being neglectful either. my sound is dead and so is the realtek chip so no sound through speakers; I only get sound by connecting HDMI cord to my laptop and TV. left side of laptop is weight sensitive it wasn’t before what happens when I put the full weight of my hands on my laptop? it cuts off picture to HDMI and often turns off the sound. key M sticks or doesn’t register guess I use M a lot I haven’t really paid attention to the other keys. internal microphone is dead and so is the orange jack along with the jack for sound. the 3 USB ports on the right side are dead. lastly touchpad is dead along with its buttons no need to fix because it breaking again is inevitable again anyways; camera also isn’t working on windows 10 maybe it’s missing old software I don’t want to lose my data I don’t really use the camera anyways so no need to fix. So based on the problems above how much would it cost not including no need to fix items. it is a 2010 VPC-EB33FM/BJ Sony Vaio

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oh almost forgot the screen has internal water damage too you can see the water streaks running down from the upper left hand side. do you recommend that to be fixed too? is it dangerous as is? and how much would it cost as well?


I don't have all the devices, methods and knowledge that you have so I don't know what else may be wrong with my laptop due to the water damage and old age; also don't remove the orange duck tape I put it on so no one would watch me through my camera while I am online.


my laptop also says it's Bluetooth isn't working can you double check that; I also keep losing my WIFI connection a lot recently my moms lap top is just as old but it don't lose its connection my WIFI may have water damage or is too old


it died on me 5-23-21; it won't power on I tried the 30 second trick with no battery or plug and tried ctrl esc but it still won't power back on; I don't have the devices to test the chips or components; I tried removing the ram but obviously that isn't the issue, my room has carpet but I wear shoes and my feet weren't on the carpet during disassembly so I don't think static electricity was the issue in fact I didn't see any spark or feel it come from me; when I did disassemble it it shut down properly then

I took out the battery and hard drive; it did have the bluescreen of death a while back of not shutting down properly but I fixed that a while back by reinstalling windows 10 but that was months ago; I also tried my spare hard drive but it still won't power on so that is not the issue either


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Hi Daniel,

It is amazing that your laptop even boots up. Sounds like you need a new motherboard. Probably not worth the cost even IF you could find one. If your data is what is really important then just take the hard drive out as instructed on this page:

Sony VAIO VPC-EB33FM Hard Drive Replacement

Then either install it in a desktop computer and copy the data you want over to the other hard drive or for a laptop you will need to get an external USB hard drive case and install your broken laptop’s drive into it. Then just plug in and copy data.

Does this answer your question?

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If you brought me this computer I may take a look at it and see when it wasn't 11 years old, but more than likely I'd tell you the same thing. OP, this laptop is done - pull the HD, buy a new laptop and then recycle this or sell it for parts as water damaged super cheap, locally. You're dealing with a 11 YEAR old laptop w/ water damage and shipping laptops ain't cheap.

Water damage is a special type of nightmare. I don't seek them out actively (I avoid them outright 99% of the time, unless I want non electronic chassis components like upper cases w/o integrated keyboards and move my GOOD parts I trust over). If you give me a water damage system I will condemn it for parts* 9 times out of 10. They like to break in weird ways unless you fully rebuild, at which point I'll just dump the water damaged units in the parts bin and find a unit that was never water damaged since the cost to fully redo the laptop is always more than a cared for unit. I AM AWARE THIS APPROACH IS HARSH, but I've tried and it's always a waste of time to even try. They NEVER work right again once it happens more often then not.

*The exception is minor water damage, but if it extends beyond a easily replaced minor PCB parts, it ends up as a parts bin machine. For every 10 with 1-2 water damage nightmares, there's 8-9 that were never water damaged - not worth it when I can walk away before I've sunk too much time on the unfixable. You don't get the time you wasted trying to rehab water damage back, and by the time you realize it's too far gone you often spent MORE on parts (and time) then if you wrote it off once you realize it isn't a minor spill, or it was sold as-is due to it having water damage.

This Sony reminds me of my mom's brand I shall not name L755 - dog went to the bathroom on it, and it somehow turned on but the sound didn't work, the keyboard was dead and the thing even had some on the DVD drive. I made her condemn it as scrap, even with her insistence to try and save it by telling her I will not fix it and if it dies, it's dead.

These old laptops are nice for older games when they aren't ruined beyond repair, but this one is beyond saving.


luckily I recently bought a 1TB external hard drive and all of my data is on it sadly now my laptop won't power on and the external hard drive is all I can afford can't buy a new computer at the moment; sure I could buy one cheap used but I want what I can't afford new that can handle newer games even if I had the money RTX is unavailable and so is the ps5


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