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This HP laptop was released in October 2016. This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems.

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laptop not powering on, no charger light.

Hello everyone, hope someone here might be able to help me reach a solution to this problem.

I have a HP 15-cc023cl laptop here that won’t power on. When a known working charger is plugged in, the charger LED on the laptop stays off but 19v does reach the motherboard from the dc-in jack.

The charger did have some damage to the cords but has been repaired properly and is in perfect working order with 19v reaching the charger plug. The battery is brand new as the old battery was swollen and needing replacement.

I tried disconnecting all cables from the motherboard except for the main dc-in cable, just to see if any of the other components might have had a short somewhere but to no avail. Charger LED still stays of when the charger is plugged in and laptop won’t power on.

I’m pretty sure the motherboard has a shorted component somewhere on the board causing the trouble. I used diode mode on my multimeter to check the power rail coils and all the coils seem to be in perfect working order, as well as the capacitors and resistors.

I am pretty much lost at this point of the process of finding the fault and could really use some help to find the faulty component.

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Hi @rick86 ,

Here is a link to the motherboard schematics.

Not 100% sure that this is for your exact model but it is for HP Pavillion 15 so it may be close enough to be of some help.

On p.34 (see image) it shows the charge circuit.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

If it is not the correct schematic, look for the board make and model number which should be printed on the motherboard. A quick search shows that it may be a Quanta motherboard as HP seems to have used this board manufacturer for the Pavillion 15 series but maybe not all. If you find the board number search for (insert board make and model number) schematics to hopefully find the correct one for your model.

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