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Technique for replacing belt

Have this Hilti DSH600X power saw. Been trying to replace the drive belt . It's a serpentine belt. Been trying to heat it in hot water so i can stretch it enough to roll over the front blade pulley. Just can't do it. Wondering if there is an easier method? Can't find any adjustment screws or slide. Anyone know about this?

Thks, Charles

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I did two of these belts I used long 3/8 extension One end of the extension on the pulley nut with the belt on extension and stretch You got tie the saw down so it won’t move you really got to stretch the belt

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So pretty much, Hilti wants you to send tool into them to do any maintenance.


Thank you I will try that!


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Think about this. The mfg put it on with ease, you should be able to also. The has to be an adj since belts stretch.

This is for a Stihl but I am betting it is similar

Or you could go here and chat with Hilti customer service

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What is the belt number that fit the dsh 600x concrete saw

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