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Repair information and troubleshooting for tablets and E-readers manufactured by Kobo.

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Kobo - Replacement button

I’m trying to find a replacement button for my Kobo Ereader, the rubber went brittle and crumpled :(

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What model is your Kobo e-reader?


It's a 2010 Kobo WiFi


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Most of them have very generic buttons found in many devices, but usually requires soldering to replace them. Heat station and an iron would be requite usually.

If it’s the type of button I’m thinking about you may find some on digikey or amazon sometimes.

Can you send a picture of the button?

I hope this helps

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Did you find a solution? I have a white Kobo 2009 (no wifi). The rubberized square button on the front has deteriorated and crumpled too.

A closer look:

:( This is a sad time for me.

Can anyone think of a suitable hack?

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