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Repair guides for the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio.

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Surface studio dead due to extreme power surge

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I have a surface studio 2, 1tb i7 M1707. My power supply is dead due to an extreme power surge. I need the part at all costs, Microsoft was not helpful at all. I have a picture of it, i wish i could attach!

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@Anas Fransis

Can you provide a close up image of the damaged chip? Hopefully that way any information that is printed on it can be seen so as to know what type it is, unless you can read it and supply the info. from the chip.

Even zoomed in on the images you provided it is hard to see what's wrong.

Click on your posted images and then click again to get the zoomed in view, to know if it is clear and large enough



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You can get a new power supply for your Surface device here.

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It actually burned out the chip with transformer in attached pics.


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