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Released in 2005, identified by part number TD108 A00

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Can this model be upgraded to Windows 10?

I have Windows XP, which is no longer supported. Can it be upgraded to a newer Windows OS?

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You may be out of luck.

Given that the laptop was first introduced >15 years ago, it is showing its age and basically it is not worth the effort or the cost in trying to upgrade it to Win 10.

The following are just some of the problems you will come across if you want to try.

According to dell the laptop doesn't support Win 10 (or even Win 7, Win 8.1) therefore not all the necessary drivers may be available for the laptop hardware to function correctly.

On p.132 of the owner manual (scroll down to Manuals and Documents), it states that the maximum amount of memory it supports is 2GB (200pin 1.8V DDR2 PC-4200 533 SODIMM) over 2 slots i.e. 2 x 1GB. You will find that to run Win 10 smoothly without too much lag, you would need at least 4GB but preferably 8GB of memory. You could try installing more than 2GB i.e. 2 x 2GB or 2 x 4GB, but don't be surprised if the BIOS doesn't recognize it. - see p.112 of the owner manual for how to change the 2 memory modules

You would need to upgrade the HDD as Win 10 requires at least 32GB of storage space and this is before adding extra 3rd party programs that you want to use. Your laptop has a EIDE (Enhanced IDE) connection for the HDD so you would need to find an EIDE HDD. Not impossible but these days mostly they are sata. There are also problems if you want to clone your old HDD onto a larger capacity HDD. This link explains it better than I can.

Support for Win 10 ends in Oct. 2025 so you will only get a short period of time for the amount that you paid for the license. After that no more official updates from Microsoft.

If you want to update the OS to something newer, try changing to a light operating system such as Linux. There are plenty of different versions i.e. Ubuntu, Kali etc that work well on older laptops with only 2GB of memory and older generation CPUs, that have problems running the newer version of Windows.

Just my view.

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Yep -- if I buy the equipment used and it comes with it no harm no foul because I avoid anything that isn't Win11 ready anyway; I can do it when I'm ready, and can wait until the last 6 months for all I care.

Would I buy any NEW 10 licenses? No, but I have two I bought some time back on sale cheap (one is in use, other is a spare). If the OP can't afford a BRAND NEW laptop, a solid surplus business laptop will be the way to go (8th gen max Dell, 8th gen-10th gen fair game with HP for repairability).

The ProBooks aren't bad, but my EliteDesk 800>ProDesk 600 swap reminded me of what I love so much about the Elite series: SureRecover cloud OS recovery. That said, if the OP can forego it the ProBooks are very similarly built.


I'm in trouble if Windows 10 is only supported until 2025. My OptiPlex 7010 can't run Windows 11.



You'll still be able to use the Win 10 software after the EOL date, but you won't get any more security updates. There also won't be any new features added to the software.

You may have to install a 3rd party A/V program to keep abreast of the latest viruses/malware etc if you're using Windows Security i.e. Windows Defender

Alternatively around 10/2025, update to a PC that can run Win 11. Used PCs with motherboards with TPM 2.0 and Gen 8-10 CPUs will be becoming cheaper by then as they have been around for a while so you may find one that suits you.


@jayeff Yep - on desktops if it doesn't support the option to upgrade later or comes with it I don't want it unless it's super cheap or free basically. For laptops, no 8th gen not interested.


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The following process will let me see your computer's specifications:

Win+R>type msinfo32>Select "OK"

I need the following (information I need is bolded, the other stuff is the surrounding text in the dialogue box):

  • Processor speed, which you will find in the processor section(e.g. Intel Pentium M CPU @ 1.7GHz)
  • The amount of RAM in the machine, which you will find in the Installed Physical Memory(RAM) section(e.g. 1.0 GB)
  • The Hard Drive size, which you will find in Components>Storage>Drives, under the C: Drive entry (e.g. 64.05 GB)

Please type all of the required information in a comment

Also keep in mind that to activate your copy of Windows 10 (to be able to personalize the OS and remove watermarks), you would need to pay $135.

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1.73 ghz, 2gb RAM, 36gb hard drive, running XP right now.


@Richard Scott Do you have a Windows 10 computer?


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Just a side note, you do not need to activate Windows 10 to personalize it. I created some guides on this topic:

How to change wallpaper without activation

[geçersiz kılavuz bağlantısı]

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