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Repair and disassembly guides for microwave ovens.

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Slower heating after outside venting conversation

I recently changed the vent from recirculating to venting outside. It is now heating slower. What could do this?

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Is this a major modification? If this is an air cooker, recirculating heated air is the main concept of using the same heated air to increase temperatures for highest efficiency. Venting air cookers simply won't allow heat to build up.


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The difference is the position of the fan and the vent. The vent contains a damper that opens with the air pressure. I have installed these and found I did not position things properly and the damper never opens.

These vent are not part of the heating process, they just exhaust cooking fumes from the range below. However, if trapped, they may circulate in the oven and lower the temp of the food.

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That was exactly what it was. I pinched the damper housing on install. Got the damper moving again and it went back to heating normally. Thank you for the help.


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