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Keurig K-Supreme is not powering on

I have been using this coffee machine with a 240 to 110 Voltage Convertor for close to 2 yrs. All of a sudden it stopped turning on. when I opened it up I noticed a part burnt. Seems like capacitor, its red in color.. not sure though.

I am not sure of the specs of the part to order and how to fix it. Any pointers is really appreciated

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Can you upload a picture of the burnt component? Adding images to an existing question


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Well, there is a website which has a lot of answers for these machines: keurig coffee maker won't power up - Search (

However, once I found the appropriate video, I was aghast at the complexity of the fix. You see, all I wanted to do was descale my K-Supreme, and I finally got it out of descaling mode into the ad water/brew mode. The machine ran out of water and within a millisecond, it shut off. I finally found out via the video that I had tripped the thermostat which is deep inside the machine and that shut it off. There is a procedure to reset the thermostat with a paper clip, but to get to that thermostat, you have to pop off 3 panels using flat head and phillips head screw drivers and pray that you don't break something. Now, I was having a major caffeine urge during this process and called the lady in Columbia who said all she needed was my address and she'd send me a NEW K-SUPREME in 3-5 business days. I took her up on it and will keep my old machine to play with if I want to reset the thermostat. Call Keurig and demand a new machine. You may get lucky like I did: 866-901-2739

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Ran into the exact same situation with this Keurig that was given to us by our daughter-in-law. Tried to use it once, then the next time it wouldn't power on. After much troubleshooting, wailing and gnashing of teeth, I managed to get it apart and reset that bloody thermostat, after which it has been working like a champ ever since.

Getting that top piece off was the hardest part; as careful as I was I still managed to break a couple of tabs. Fortunately the remaining tabs seem to be sufficient though.

But yeah, while they get kudos for using a resettable fuse, they made it FAR too difficult to get to that bloody part to give it a simple push of the button. Mounting it closer to the side with a hole for access would have made life easier for one heck of a lot of people.


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