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Samsung announced the Galaxy Book3 lineup at their "Unpacked" event on February 1, 2023. The new Galaxy S23 lineup was also announced.

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Is there a maintenance guide for this laptop I can consult (add SSD)?

Hi, I'm looking to add a second SSD to this laptop, as it has a second 2208 slot.

As I'm quite new to tinkering with laptops I'd like to consult some kind of guide on how to open it up, how to install the second SSD, and what kind of SSD it supports?

Thank you very much in advance!

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After removing the screws couldn't get the bottom part out. Should there be applied some heat or something? This seems to be glued in or something


I know this reply is late, but after removing the rubber feet from the bottom of the laptop, they can be squeezed back into their positions when finished, unscrew all the screws. Then use a shim to help you lift a corner of the laptop, the bottom is clipped in, carefully move around the perimeter with the shim, unhooking the clips. Then you'll have the bottom off the laptop and should see the free NVME slot.


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Just made a guide for the base model - Galaxy Book3 360 13" SSD Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide , Relatively straightforward process.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Could the Book3 Ultra accommodate a double-sided NVME drive? Say, Segate Firecuda 530 or WD Black SN850X 4TB versions.


Hi Dan, what size was the SSD installed in the notebook and how much storage does the new SSD have?


I just performed this SSD upgrade. I added a second SSD to my Galaxy Book3 Ultra (Model 960XFH). I installed a Samsung 990 Pro 2TB, but I had a WD Black SN850X 4TB awaiting an install to a different machine so I decided to check the fit. The WD drive almost fit, but sat at a bit of an angle and wasn't flush. I personally wouldn't risk it. The 990 sat flush and had no issues.


@kamran_shah Thanks for checking!


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