Should I replace LCD or only ribbon cable (if possible)?


My 2018 razer blade 15 (GTX 1070, 16gb RAM, Intel core i7-8750H, etc., ID: rz09-02386F91) could use some repairs.


The ribbon cable connecting the LCD to the motheboard is damaged at the hinge point (I believe this is a common issue), after a few weeks of the screen sometimes glitching a bit with temporary flickering, it is now only on (and responsive) when I partially lift the laptop screen (i.e., if I hinge the screen out past a certain angle it turns off).

Additionally, the microphone and webcam don't work (that's been the case for over 2 years), their own ribbon cable runs through with the LCD one.

Laptop is past warranty obviously, I haven't contacted razer support, but doubtful that they would help much.


Can I replace the ribbon cable only (connecting LCD, microphone and webcam)?

If so do you know where I can find the part?

Or if I have to replace the LCD entirely, where can I find that/does it automatically come with a new ribbon cable?

Cable part number seen here:

Block Image

Not sure what this is, might be proof of a previous repair:

Block Image

Thanks for your help

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Does the ribbon cable have a socket that connects to the screen, or is it directly soldered on?


No I believe it's connected to the LCD via a socket.

This video shows it:

at 5:58 or so


@tristanwhi86864 I've narrowed it down to being a 30 pin ribbon cable with eDP interface. Is there a part number on the ribbon cable? If you think it would be helpful, you can upload some pictures using the Adding images to an existing question guide.


I thought I saw somewhere that it was 40 pin but I may be wrong, I'll try and check.

I've added photos to the post, including one of the part number, thanks for the suggestion!

A bit of a vague question: do you know whether these cables and sockets are standardised to some degree across models and even brands? I.e., if I find a cable (ribbon design like this or not) that has the same connectors for the sockets, is there a chance that it works?


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