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Laptops manufactured by Medion.

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Does anyone recognize this laptop display malfunction?

Hello, Suddenly my Medion Erazer P6661 has this screen. Does anyone recognize this or know what the problem is? This should be a green, red, blue and white screen.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi jan68970,

Try connecting an external monitor (HDMI - TV) to the laptop and check its display.

If the external monitor display is OK it may be a problem with the screen.

Does this also occur if you get into BIOS on startup?

Your laptop has 2 GPUs, an Intel GPU integrated with the CPU and a discrete Nvidia GPU.

Usually BIOS uses the integrated GPU whereas depending on the priority setting the Nvidia may be used when Windows loads. Perhaps try starting in safe mode and check the laptop's display.

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Hi Jayeff, Thanks for your reply. The laptop works with an external screen on HDMI. It start at once, also at startup onto the BIOS. It also occurs when I start in safe mode. It occurs with the Intel and NVIDIA GPU. I am considering to buy a new display, but I wanna be sure that that will solve the problem. So I am looking for people who have had the same problem and their solution.


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