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This is the device page for the Sony VAIO VPC-EB33FM laptop containing troubleshooting and installation guides.

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Black screen cannot view BIOS setting

Please help. The Sony VAIO VPCEB32FM was turned off for more than a year. A few days ago, I tried to turn it on to install Windows after replacing the SSD. However, I cannot view the BIOS settings or the Sony VAIO logo.

Here is the video I uploaded:

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Based off of that video, it looks like that is either a damaged or faulty screen, data cable between the screen/motherboard, or (unlikely but possible) motherboard damage on some part of how it controls/sends video signals.

Potentially a power failure of some kind? I am assuming the computer is still running/fans still spinning/etc. after the screen fades to black?

Can you plug it into an external monitor? It has both VGA and HDMI on the left hand side, so you have a couple of options. If you get a clear and working image on a secondary display, then it is for sure the screen or cable, and worth replacing to repair.

This guide (Sony VAIO VPC-EB33FM Display Replacement) has the process for replacing the screen. You would only need to go so far as step 30, and the cable with yellow tape in that step is the cable that may need to be replaced instead of and/or alongside the screen. The steps after 30 show you how to remove the other components for replacing the entire LCD cover, but that is not necessary to replace the screen.

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Yes computer is still running and I can hear fans spinning Hope Sony VAIO VPCEB32FM screen is available in the open market


No I have not plug it into an external monitor


@invisiblebond The screen is available for purchase, at least in my market (USA).

Here is a website where they have it available for sale:

I am not partnered with or endorsed by Bliss, they have simply never gotten a screen wrong in my experience. They usually have to have you confirm the device make and model and/or other information before shipping because they are serious about compatibility.

If they are not able to ship to your area, or shipping is too expensive, you will likely be able to find a similar screen somewhere that can ship to you.

You have not yet tried an external monitor? For sure check if you have a display on an external monitor first. It would be a waste of time and money to buy a new display panel if you see the same results on an external monitor.

There is also the chance it is the cable, which is usually a less common failure than screen failure.


@erelectronics Thank you. I ordered a monitor during Prime Day, and it will be delivered within 3 days. If it works, I will buy the cheapest monitor. Fingers crossed!


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