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The Nissan Juke is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan since 2010.

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Airconditioning not blowing cold air

Air conditioning not blowing cold air - do it need refrigerant ? if so how do i repair.

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Hi @zoma123,

What is the year of the vehicle?

Can you hear the A/C compressor clutch engage when you turn on the Aircon?

Have you checked if the serpentine belt is OK and that the compressor pulley is turning?


Hi @jayeff

Its a 2013 model, Yes I can hear the compressor and both the serpentine belt and compressor pulley are turning.



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From your symptoms, low refrigerant is a likely cause. However, there are a few other things than could block the flow of refrigerant. Also, the cause of low refrigerant would be a leak, so adding more is feudal until you find the leak. Probably not a DIY repair. Refrigerant is also like a prescription drug these days and only licensed techs can get it.

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As @ruggb says, it's not a DIY repair.

First you need to have UV safety glasses and a UV light to check if you can detect any signs of a leak. There's no point recharging the system if it is only going to leak out again

There's a special leak detection dye in with the refrigerant and it shows up green under UV light.

If there is a leak found you will need to have recovery/ recycling/recharging equipment so that you can safely remove any remaining refrigerant so that you can repair the leak.

After the repair you would need to pressure test the system to make sure that it is airtight and then create a vacuum in the system so that you can pump the correct amount of refrigerant back into the system and then test it to make sure that the pressure is correct and then run it to make sure that the correct temperatures are being achieved.

A lot of specialized equipment is needed by you, for just a one-off repair. Probably cost you more than getting it fixed by a professional.

If you do decide to repair it yourself, ensure that you use HFC-134A refrigerant and not CFC-12 as using this will damage the compressor.

As also mentioned above you may not even be able to get any refrigerant to recharge the system. Where I am you need a license to buy it.

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Hello, generally if the AC doesn't work it's because there is not enough refrigerant, if you don't have the necessary equipment then what you can do is to verify it visually, there is port located in the engine compartment where mechanics use to recharge your car with refrigerant, remove the cap and push a screwdriver inside the port, if you don't see any gas coming out then you don't have refrigerant inside the ac circuit.

This procedure is very easy to perform, it's like removing air from a tire, but DO NOT INHALE the gas coming out, just a quick tap.

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Cars can lose refrigerant if you don't use it for a long period but that doesn't mean you have a leak.

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