How do I turn on my laptop with a deteriorated power button?

I got a Gateway NE56R48u laptop with a modern Intel® Pentium @ 2.20 GHz with the Intel® HD Graphics Chipset, 8 GB DDR3/DDR3L RAM (Originally had 4 GB), and a 320 GB HDD.

It's a hand-me-down laptop that used to have Windows 8, which was later upgraded to Windows 8.1, which is out of support as of asking this question, which was then later upgraded to Windows 10.

I was trying to turn on my laptop by pressing the power button. But when I pressed it, it didn't turn on. It was due to the power button being deteriorated from years of use. The computer also has some cosmetic damage on the Screen Bezel, Palmrest, and the right side of the Bottom Case of the laptop.

Money is scarce for me, considering that I have a YouTube channel for making YouTube videos. As of writing this, I am watching a video, playing a game or tinking of making a video, even though I don't because of procrastination.

Yet, my question stands firm:

How do I turn on the computer with a deteriorated power button?

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Where is the power button located on this laptop (e.g. on the keyboard or on the side)? Do you have the tools to disassemble the laptop and access this motherboard? If you could upload some pictures of the power button/keyboard, that would be great. Adding images to an existing question


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