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How to use the Auto Off feature Cuisinart SS-4N1

I have a Cuisinart SS-4N1 and am completely confused about how to use the Auto Off feature. After brewing coffee the screen displays "Warm" which I believe warms the coffee for 30 minutes. At what point can I enable the auto off feature? I have tried switching to auto off during the warm cycle but that seems to just stop the warming all together and not extend the time. If I switch to Auto Off during the brew cycle it stops the brew cycle.

So confused :-( thanks for any help!

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Hi @skenzer

Looking at p.10 of the user manual you can set the auto off for up to 4 hours after the brew cycle has ended but I think that you need to set this in conjunction with the auto on setting as also shown on p.10

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Thanks @jayeff

I'll give that a try. That's the one thing I haven't tried yet so maybe that's the trick. thanks!


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