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Having issues or need direction? Try the 2011-2013 Scion tC Troubleshooting Guide.

VIN Identification

Locate the VIN number on the dash under the driver's corner of the windshield. The first should be a "J", which is the country of origin (Japan). The second letter should then be a "T," which denotes the manufacturer (Toyota). The fifth character should be an "E," the sixth character should be a "1," and the eighth character should be a "7." Each of these are unique to the tC. In order to determine your unit's year, find the tenth character: 2011's should have a "B," 2012's should have a "C," and 2013's should have a "D."

You can go more in-depth on decrypting your tC's entire VIN number by going here.

Background and Identification

The 2011-2013 Scion tC is a 2 door, 2.5liter 4-Cylinder 6-speed hatchback coupe.

It has a 180 horsepower, 6000 rpm gasoline engine with front wheel drive drive train, averaging 23 mpg in the streets and 31 mpg on the highway.

Because of its high customizability with aftermarket products, there were various options and packages that could be added from the factory (e.g. - navigation, heated seats, etc.). Such options can be found on the Scion website.

It is the second generation model of the tC family, and was recently updated in 2014 with a feature redesign.

Additional Information

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