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For more information in regards to troubleshooting issues, check out the troubleshooting page:

Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

The Canon PowerShot SD1400IS is a small point and shoot camera produced by Canon in 2010. The device is not large, measuring 92x56x18mm (3.6×2.2×0.7 inches), and weighing 133 grams (4.7 ounces). The SD1400 was produced in 4 different colors: black, orange, pink, and silver. The camera has a feature called “Smart Auto,” which will automatically select the best exposure setting when selected. The back of the device has a 2.7 inch LCD screen. The SD1400 takes pictures with more megapixels than previous versions: the SD1400 takes 14 megapixel pictures, while previous models take only 12 megapixel pictures. The model number of the camera is located on the front surface in between the Canon logo and the lens.

The device has had no recalls or warnings issued from the company. Overall, the device is notoriously sturdy because of its metal casing. The case is rounded on the edges to make it easier to slide into and out of a pocket.

The SD1400 IS was one of the last of the SD Canon series, which was discontinued in August 2010.

Additional Information

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