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If you are having difficulties with this device, try referring to the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

If you are not sure if your device is an HP Pavilion dv4-2045dx, you can determine your model number through the systeminfo command. To run the command, open your console through the following steps:

1. Hold down the Windows key (on this model, between the Fn button and left Alt button) and press R. This will open the Run box.

2. Type “cmd” and press Enter. Your console should now be open.

3. Type “systeminfo” and press Enter. Wait for a few seconds while your device retrieves the information.

4. The console should now be displaying your system specifications. Look for “System Model,” which should be between “System Manufacturer” and “System Type.” If it says “Pavilion dv4-2045dx” or something similar, this guide applies to you.

If your laptop will not power up, there are a number of other ways to differentiate your laptop with other models.

1. The dimensions of this laptop are: 13.15in(L) x 9.45in(D) x 1.34in(minH)/ 1.57in(MaxH).

2. The case is moonlight white with a shiny finish.

3. The model number might be labeled on a sticker located on the bottom of the laptop.

4. Weight: 5.35 lbs

Additional Information

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