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Released in 2016, this screenless MP3 Player supports MicroSD memory cards up to 8GB and has a detachable clip on the back of the player. It comes in Black, Red, Blue, Pink, White, Green, Orange and Purple.

The intern battery is non-amovible and rechargeable via the Mini-USB port.

The Mini-USB port allows to load songs from a PC, too.

It has 5 press buttons on the top:

- Play/Stop in the middle;

- '-' on the left, to turn down the sound;

- '+'on the right, to turn up the sound;

- one button on the top, to go forward;

- one button on the bottom, to go backward.

On one edge you can find the On/Off switch and the headphone jack.

On the other edge you can find the MicroSd and the MiniUSB ports.

Every time you stop, the songs start at the beginning again.

This product is not waterproof.

For disassembling, slide a thin blade above one edge and pry up to lift the top cover. It is hold by plastic clips which are inserted in holes in the frame.

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