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Background and Identification

The Motorola RAZR Maxx HD XT926 was released in September 2012 by Motorola, and offered for sale by Verizon Wireless shortly after. This phone is often called Motorola DROID Vanquish and Motorola DROID Fighter, and is one of the most popular phones on the Motorola line. It features 4G LTE data connection and has a 4.7in HD display. The phone has two HD cameras: one on the front and one on the back. The rear camera is centered left to right on the back cover, compared to the top left camera location on the preceding model. The Motorola RAZR Maxx HD is the first Motorola phone to contain HD cameras. The model number, XT926, can be found on the bottom of the back plate of the phone. The Motorola RAZR Maxx HD is available in only black and white, distinguishing it from its successors and predecessors.

Common Android 4.1.2 software issues include dropped calls and apps that fail to work. Other failure points of the phone are frozen screens, poor Bluetooth and WiFi connection, poor quality audio, and a short battery life. The warranty for this model of phone lasts one year and covers failures (water, dirt, etc) and damaged screens. Because this device was released in 2012, most warranties are no longer in effect.


Dimensions: 5.19 x 2.67 x 0.33 inches

Weight: 5.15 oz

Display Size: 4.7 inches

Display Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels

Rear Camera: 8 megapixels with flash

Front Camera: 1.3 megapixels

Storage Capacity: 16 GB

Android Software: 4.1.2

Battery Capacity: 2530 mAh

Additional Information

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