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Nite Ize first released the Inova Microlight in 2001. The microlight features a two piece polycarbonate body with a single button. Its size is similar to a house key measuring 4.70cm x 2.54cm x 0.83cm. The portable LED lamp weighs 9.22g. The LED light comes in either white, blue, green, red, or ultraviolet. Case colors for the lamp include pink, black, clear, red, green, and blue. The microlight comes in any assortment of case color and LED light mentioned above.

This Nite Ize Inova Microlight is powered by two CR2016 batteries and has a run time of up to 22 hours. The device's button cycles through the microlight's four distinct modes: high, low, strobe, and signal. This push to shine device should not be confused with the Nite Ize Inova Microlight Swipe to Shine, which utilizes a touch activation.

For more information regarding common troubleshooting issues click here.

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