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Oh no! Issues with your Sony TCM-919? Help is on the way with the Sony TCM-919 Troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Sony TCM-919 is a standard cassette player and recorder. It comes with a build in speaker and microphone. It has adjustable audio managed through a dial located on the front side panel. The cassette-corder takes 4, C cell batteries but can be used with an A/C adapter. It also comes with a built in headphone jack. It can easily be identified by its model number located on the cassette door.

Major Features and Components

  • Standard compact cassette player
  • External speaker
  • Standard compact cassette recorder
  • Built in headphone jack
  • Built in microphone jack
  • Compact yet sturdy build


Size and Weight

  • Weight: 2.2 lb. (980 g)
  • Height: 71 mm
  • Depth: 154 mm
  • Width: 237 mm

Optional Accessories

Microphone F-VS7

Monoaural Earphone ME. 81 ME-LB2

Power Supply


AC Adaptor: 120 V, 50 Hz

Release Date

Mid 1990s

Known Failure Modes

This device does not have a history of failure models.

Manufacturer Recalls

This device has not had a history of being recalled at any point.

Device Identification

The back cover of the device should have an imprint detailing the following:

  • Sony Corp
  • Made in China
  • Model Number TCM-919

The Sony TCM-919 is distinct from other similar Sony Cassette-Corder models by its black cover, horizontal cassette holder orientation, and portability per AC Adaptor capabilities.

Additional Information

Some helpful links to the Sony TCM-919 include the following:

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