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Use this guide to replace the battery in your Huawei P9 smartphone.

Before disassembling your phone, discharge the battery below 25%. The battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured, but the chances of that happening are much lower if discharged.

  1. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement, Back Cover: adım 1, 3 resimden 1. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement, Back Cover: adım 1, 3 resimden 2. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement, Back Cover: adım 1, 3 resimden 3.
    • First switch off your phone and remove the SIM card tray.

    • Unscrew the two Pentalobe P2 screws located at the bottom next to the device's USB C port.

    • If the screen is cracked you might want to use some tape to protect your eyes from glass shreds and get a better grip to open the phone.

    your supply kit -IFIXIT does not have a screw driver bit small enough to unscrew the two Pentalobe P2 screws for my Huawei Mate P9 pro

    phone. Where can I get help from ?

    Vincent Leung - Yanıt

    Hi Vincent!

    Our Pentalobe P2 bits work perfectly in the Huawei P9. If you already have a driver handle that has a 4mm socket, you can use one of these bits in it and that should work fine. Otherwise, if you prefer the P2 screwdriver itself, you can find that tool here.

    I hope this helps!

    Kadan Sharpe -

  2. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 2, 2 resimden 1. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 2, 2 resimden 2.
    • Avoid to lift only the display instead of the whole phone assembly as doing so may cause damage to the screen.

    • Use an iSclack or a suction handle to separate the phone assembly from the rear panel.

    • In case you can‘t manage to lift the phone assembly out of the rear panel you can insert the pointed end of a spudger in the headphone jack opening and press the phone assembly upwards until you create a gap between assembly and rear panel. Then use the spudger to lever the phone assembly out of the panel.

    • Don't remove the rear panel completely yet. There is a cable connected to it! It is running from the finger print sensor to the display unit.

    If you cant get suction because of cracks in the screen, use wide tape to create smooth surface.

    Kent Alexander Johansen - Yanıt

    If your screen is smashed, and nothing else will work (iSclack etc), you can get a thin blade between the casing and the screen assembly and the bottom. The screen assembly can then be pried out. I fought with mine before discovering this. Be careful of the broken glass.

    Rob Collins - Yanıt

    I struggled to remove screen with suction cups due to damage to the back case. I used a jim to pry from bottom by usb c port, worked well.

    Philip Lloyd - Yanıt

    Be very carrefull as it can open in one fell swoop !

    Jean-Marc Boisseau - Yanıt

    On my model, I had 2 Little torx screws beside the USB port. If so, the screen won’t come out with them on.

    Lola Gillet - Yanıt

    Interesting, sure those were 6-starred (Torx) and not 5-starred (Pentalobe) like mentioned in step 1?

    Tobias Isakeit -

    Are there any tips to help loosen the screen after taking the screws out? I brought in an extra person to help with the suction cup whilst I tried to pry the screen away with it still only moving at most 1mm (maybe less) and not enough to get any pry tools in. Ending up using quite a lot of force - far more than I think I should be to no success. As it stands I’m just ending up doing minor damage to the base of the screen/case.

    A Birch - Yanıt

    Hey A Birch,

    just for the case, I mention — it’s important to pull out the SIM card tray, otherwise, it will block the opening procedure and you’ll damage your phone. In case the frame is damaged or bent you’ll need more force to open the phone. In general, the opening procedure should be fairly easy.

    Dominik Schnabelrauch -

    On this step, I found it hard as the screen and the motherboard are attatched, but instead just the screen is coming up, any tips for getting under and lifting up the motherboard + battery. (Trying to do a battery replacement). The screen with that wire on Step 15 for some reference :)

    Nathan T - Yanıt

    Received my kit yesterday and now trying to remove the screen from the case with the suction tool. Having extreme difficulty and cannot even get a pick in to prise it off. Still trying…

    Alan Farrow - Yanıt

    Found it easy to remove screen from case using the sucker while holding the edge of the case down using the blue spudger that came with the kit. Came off in seconds…

    Alan Farrow - Yanıt

    If you have difficulty removing the display from the case, make sure to not just remove the screen. Apparently, if the case has received a knock or the motherboard is sticking to the case, it can be very, very difficult to move the motherboard as well as the screen.

    However, the whole screen and motherboard assembly needs to come out. If only the screen moves, chances are the ribbon cable that attaches it to the motherboard may get pulled out of its socket or may even get damaged. I suggest to not use excessive force on the display and be very careful when attempting to pry it open. You need to get a purchase on the whole screen/motherboard unit, not just the screen.

    Using a lever through the USB C port and the hole for the headphone jack may help to get the motherboard assembly moving. Be careful, though to not damage theses parts.

    I think the guide should be amended to point out the possibility of moving the screen only and its associated dangers.

    Thomas Kuehne - Yanıt

    I found the screen/motherboard very difficult to move. I used the sucker (down near the USB/screw end) and the broad end of the spudger in the USB port (I was careful (I hope!) to not insert the spudger too far so I was just pressing against the case). It needed a lot of force and can away sunddenly but has left the fingerprint cable intact.

    I have looked at other comments and I had removed the 2 screws next to the USB port and the sim tray, it was just plain sticky.

    David Crane - Yanıt

    I couldn’t remove the screen cause I was afraid to break it!! Also using two suction caps it was impossible to lift. I tried with a thin blade but nothing to do. Is there any “trick” to release it? Why is it so strengthly stuck? Please somebody give some suggests…

    Gabriele Greggio - Yanıt

    Try to make sure to remove the SIM card tray and the screws at the bottom end of the phone before you try to lift the display, both block the display whilst removing the back cover. For the case that you’re using two suction cups instead of an iSclack, try to place them as close to the bottom edge as possible. For the case that the suction cups fall off easily, you can put a little water on them before pressing them on the phone. As you mentioned you can try using a blade/opening pick/jimmy as a lever during the removal procedure or you can use a tool like a spudger and insert it into the USB port to press the assembly out of the rear cover but take care to avoid damage to the port. The plastic clamps can sit really tight sometimes. In case the frame is damaged or bent you’ll need more force to open the phone.

    Dominik Schnabelrauch -

    PS I spent my money to buy battery and tool kit but if I can’t open it I wasted money believing in this “guide” that show all as a kind of easy DIY… actually it’s easier to make a damage bigger than repair!

    Gabriele Greggio - Yanıt

    Heating the aluminium back of the phone with a hairdryer to about 60C helps. Aluminium expands more than twice as much as the glass which anyway remains cool away from the hairdryer. Then the suction pliers and the spudger through the 3.5mm audio jack hole finally did the trick. I was about to give up!

    J B Graham - Yanıt

    I strongly agree with JB Graham : the fix should suggest to heat the phone if you encounter difficulty to open the case. I had to heat it a while until I could make the two parts move with the suction cups.

    pichel - Yanıt

    I just replaced the battery of the Huawei p9. I had to open the phone using a thick, blunt needle using the headphone jack. After creating a gap, I carefully fulled the phone apart by my fingernails, with no problem whatsoever. No risk of damage doing it this way. Of course, you need to be carefull not to damage the contact pins inside the jack, but at least there is no risk of damaging the screen this way.

    I don’t understand why the suction cups are the preferred method to open the case. They just popped of by applying a scaring amount of force…

    Next time I will immediately use the headphone jack.

    M Brt - Yanıt

  3. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement, Fingerprint sensor: adım 3, 2 resimden 1. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement, Fingerprint sensor: adım 3, 2 resimden 2.
    • Disconnect the fingerprint sensor using a spudger.

  4. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 3 resimden 1. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 3 resimden 2. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 3 resimden 3.
    • Unplug the antenna cable.

    • Remove the sticker that sits on top of the screw.

    By carefully removing the cable from the antenna, the solder broke and the connector remained attached to the cable.

    It was therefore not possible for me to reattach the cable during reassembly.

    Nevertheless, I don't notice any malfunction after turning the phone back on: the WiFi and the 4g signal are good and I don't see any difference neither in terms of performance nor quality.

    Maxence Laurent - Yanıt

  5. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 5, 3 resimden 1. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 5, 3 resimden 2. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 5, 3 resimden 3.
    • Unscrew the two Phillips #00 screws that hold the metal plate in place.

    • The plate, which is covering the battery connector, has two little hooks on each side. Use a tweezer to free them and unhinge the plate by carefully moving it upwards.

    Removing the plate can be a bit difficult. It was stuck behind the other plate. It bended a bit while removing it, but it doesn't harm if it does.

    Steven - Yanıt

    I actually couldn’t get this plate out: as mentioned by Steven there is a slight lip (shown on the photo - the tweezers are pointing to it) and this is under another plate above. That was just a minor complication, the real problem is that I couldn’t release the end of the plate nearest the edge, In the end I had to gently bend the plate up.

    David Crane - Yanıt

  6. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 6, 2 resimden 1. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 6, 2 resimden 2.
    • Now you can unplug the battery connector and bend it aside.

    • The EVA-L09 model has an NFC antenna adhered onto the battery.

    • If you are just removing the battery to get to the display, you can leave the NFC on the battery.

    • Mark its place on the battery with a felt pen for reassembly. Carefully peel it off and make sure not to rip or crease the antenna.

    • For reassembly, place the NFC antenna on the battery where it was before so its contacts align with their counterparts.

    Just changed (05/2020) the battery on an EVA-L09 model and could not see an NFC antenna. There were no other cables leading to the battery unless it was integrated within the power ribbon somehow. Will have to wait and see after the first charge has finished to see if I still have NFC. No biggy as I never used it. Could really use a picture or some way to show where it should/could be. Thanks.

    Jimbo - Yanıt

    It should look somewhat similar to the P9 lite NFC antenna seen in this guide: Huawei P9 Lite Battery Replacement

    Tobias Isakeit -

  7. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 7, 2 resimden 1. Huawei P9 Battery Replacement: adım 7, 2 resimden 2.
    • Free the ends of the adhesive pull tabs to get a good grip on them.

    • The battery is secured with three pieces of adhesive, a removable pull-tab in the center, and on the SIM tray side. A third piece of adhesive on the button side has no pull-tab.

    • Pull the adhesive tabs in a slow constant movement to free the battery.

    • Should those adhesive tabs snap, you might want to use an iOpener to heat and soften them a little bit so you can pry out the battery with a spudger.

    • There are two cables running directly underneath the battery. Take care not to damage them when prying with a spudger! You can see their position in the last picture.

    • Slowly lift the battery toward the button side and free it from the remaining hidden piece of adhesive.

    • When reassembling your phone, replace old adhesive with stretch release adhesive strips, double-sided tape, or pre-cut adhesive strips.

    Hi, does the LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with frame come with new adhesive tabs or battery stickers? I read that if there are no stickers the battery could move and cause damage. Please let me know, i would like to be sure before i place my order.

    Javier - Yanıt

    Hi Javier! The P9 display kit does have battery adhesive. It’s visible as two orange strips, which are the adhesive release liners. We’ll be sure to specify it better in the component list. Thanks for asking!

    Sam Goldheart -

    Merci mille fois à l’auteur de ce tuto qui est vraiment super

    Jean-luc 11/12/2018

    jean-luc maitay - Yanıt

    Removing the battery was a bit hard. The tape broke, so it was not easy to remove the battery. I didn't use the Iopener to heat it. I finally succeeded to remove it.

    I do noticed that the battery was very flexible. Wondering if this means she's very old or is it normal after charging a lot of times, or is or maybe because it got humid (my phone is sometimes damped when I have it my shirt when cycling). Compared to the new battery it's a huge difference.

    Steven - Yanıt

    Those batteries are allways soft. So, don‘t worry.

    Mathias -

    It will be easyer, if you remove first the mainborad and then the battery. That’s my experience after the repair of this phone.

    Albert Dreistein - Yanıt

    Hi, what does it mean

    use the iopener for heating the stickers


    Does it mean that for this operation it is used a hot air gun? I watched the ifixit page of iopener, but I didn't see such a gun

    Pinuzza - Yanıt

    Hi Pinuzza,

    you can find our iOpener here. It is a tool to gently loose adhesive with heat. A heat gun is a more radical way and should be used carefully. You can easily damage components by overheating them. Here is a guide how to use our iOpener.

    Dominik Schnabelrauch -

    @Dominik: First af all thank you very much for the reply and for the extremely detailed guide. I've seen many tutorials, and I put this as the best one, because it considers very important aspects, e.g. to be careful about the electronic components below the battery, the fact that there are 3 stickers, and so on. That said, I have some doubt about iOpener (the same item I had seen and referred to previously): I cannot distinguish 1) the item below the picks and on the left side of the screwdriver, 2) the item on the right side of the picks, 3) the item below the suction cup. Above all, I have an enormous doubt and curiosity about the fact that this tool allows an easy extraction of the battery even heating the stickers, i.e., what tool in the packet should it be the candidate for this purpose, and how?

    Pinuzza -

    (How can it heat?)

    Pinuzza -

    Perhaps can I heat biadhesive stickers using a plastic rod? Perhaps like primitives did, quickly rubbing blades of straw? If I don't understand exactly, I can't buy anything

    Pinuzza - Yanıt

    @Dominik, I've just seen the iOpener guide you linked. However, I'm not able to understand: Have I to put all the items of the tool in a microwave? Why heat a screwdriver or the suction cup? I can't see how this could heat the adhesives: they are below, protected by battery.. how heat may reach them?

    Pinuzza - Yanıt

    @Pinuzza you only need to place the iOpener in the microwave, not every tool that is needed for the repair. Heat up the iOpener as explained and it will save the heat. Place it on the areas where the adhesive sits underneath the battery/display/etc. Leave the iOpener in its place for at least two minutes so that the heat can reach the adhesive. This will work through the battery, display and/or a circuit board. This way you’ll loosen the adhesive, what makes the removal significantly easier.

    Dominik Schnabelrauch -

    @Dominik, okay now it’s more clear, but I can't understand exactly what is the iOpener in the image you linked (I think iOpener be the name of the entire tool). I see a black fabric case (with iOpener label) which seems to contain all the repair items.. is this the heater? Or the two transparent underneath rectangle?

    Pinuzza - Yanıt

    Hi Pinuzza,

    the black fabric case you see in the picture is the iOpener. There’s a liquid in the fabric sleeve that saves heat. This is why you place the iOpener in the microwave to save heat there and then on your device to soften adhesive afterwards. All other parts in the picture are tools for repairing, prying and to cut adhesive. From left to right: screwdriver, 6 opening picks (flat tool to cut adhesive e.g. during a screen removal), blue flat battery blocker (is used if you can’t disconnect the battery in an easy way e.g. in an iPad you can slide it between the connectors), suction cup to pull up displays or rear covers, plastic card (bigger tool to cut adhesive in hard to reach areas e.g under bigger battery packs), the blue opening tool (to cut adhesive and prying tool), tweezers, spudger (all-purpose prying tool to cut adhesive and/or disconnect cables). In this guide you can see that you only place the iOpener in the microwave. All other tools are packed separately and not in the black fabric.

    Dominik Schnabelrauch -

    @Dominik, thank you very much for the detailed reply! Now it's all clear!

    (And compliments for the very well supplied and assorted store…and tutorials :)

    Pinuzza -

    Would be useful to see recommended points to place the spudger to lever out the battery. I used the corners at the top (i.e. at the edge where the plate I couldn’t remove!) and slowly forced out the battery (which did bend quite a bit).

    David Crane - Yanıt

    These phones are now about 3 or 4 years old and the adhesive has had time to bake pretty hard. Of course the tabs break off as described. Without the iOpener I used a hair dryer on low fan, hi heat intermittently for about 5 minutes and used three spudgers under the battery using the guide picture of the ribbon cables under the battery to choose the safe places for the spudgers. You have to shift them as you ease it out as the small ribbon cable weaves to the centre. Like others have said, the battery bent and distorted to an alarming amount and I was glad I had discharged it to almost flat following the guide.

    J B Graham - Yanıt

    Replacing a dead battery in 2020. Sticky tabs snapped of course. I lifted the battery up ever so slightly with a long flat spudger/spade so I could get the fine tweezers in there a grab as much as I could. Seems to be the top half inch/1.5cm that’s baked and brittle. The rest came out with no fuss.

    I have the EVA-L09 model but could not find an NFC antenna so… kinda hoping for the best once I’m done charging. Could there be a photo added of one if at all possible?

    Jimbo - Yanıt

    Si vous n’avez pas de iOpener, vous pouvez utiliser une poche de gel chaud/froid pour les contusions (ex Actipoche)

    If you don't have an iOpener, you can use a hot/cold gel pouch for bruises (ex Actipoche)

    Karine JALLEY - Yanıt

    Merci a ce tutto qui est vraiment tres bien mis a part que pour ouvrir le tellephone la ventouse ne suffit pas il faut utiliser un spatule (spudger) en faisant appui par la prise usb c et pour decoller la batterie il faut prendre une pince car elle est vraiment collé fort sinon vraiement tres bien ce tutto!!

    boos - Yanıt


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Just FYI, My replacement battery from Huawei doesn’t fit. The cable doesn’t reach the connector. Soldering Required!

dallebull - Yanıt

Bonjour j es effectué cette opération.J es changé le connecteur de chargeur complet suite à un dysfonctionnement. Et la batterie aussi.Et mon soucis reste le même. Le téléphone s allumé mais pas de voyant de charge.merci de me renseigner.

Berhault - Yanıt


J’ai le même problème , avez-vous trouvé une solution ?

Amenis -

Bonjour suite à une panne avec mon huawei p9 j es changé le connecteur de chargeur et la batterie et mon problèmereste toujours le même. Il charge toujours pas.merci de me

Berhault - Yanıt

Dalebull what the !&&* have you done to the batteries in the pictures

Justinas Vaiciunas - Yanıt

My thoughts exactly, Justinas

Michael Perry -


excellent tuto, opération menée sur Huawei P9 avec un kit à 15€… pour retirer la batterie, ne pas hésiter à tirer dessus, pour ma part elle commençait à chauffer, j’ai dû y aller franco pour l’évacuer sans rien endommager …

Gilles M Fev - Yanıt

Just replaced the battery on my P9. I’ve had it for a little over 2 years and the old battery was really failing. Hoping to get some more life from my device. The replacement went swimmingly. No problems disassembling the device, except that the screen assembly was properly stuck in the body, but my device had been repaired once before, so I think that might have had something to do with it. Excellent guide.

Maciej Maciejewski - Yanıt

Perfect! Thanks for the guide. To get out the old battery was not easy. I punctured it and it started smoking. Be sure to empty the battery before the replacement! IMPORTANT!

Thanks a lot!

Kay Kölzig - Yanıt

Just finished replacing the battery and everything works good, process went smoothly except the part where I had to separate old battery from the phone because it got stuck to the case but I managed to take it apart by using iopener and a little bit of force. Thanks a lot for the guide it helped me a lot :)

Renato Malbašić - Yanıt

Hello any cellular repair company arnd jozi cbd,dat can change a Huawei p9 battery?

mlotshwabekithemba - Yanıt

Operazione perfettamente riuscita, con qualche difficoltà nell’estrazione della batteria vecchia, poiché le strisce adesive si erano sfaldate. Grazie per questa ottima guida!

indianathewizard - Yanıt

This job is a nightmare and my P9 is very different internally. Also no screws either side of USB on base, so just getting the back off was !&&*. Aborted the mission before I wrecked the %#*@ thing

Andrew Schofield - Yanıt

Finally done it but loads more screws needed removing to reconnect the ribbon connectors - these are not slide-on but press-down, so clearance is required. (Had to prise apart and jam open with a blade, bit nerve-racking). Also there were things taped to the old battery that wouldn’t come off; one looks like a supermarket security tag, no idea what it does but it got mangled and so was only partially reinstated

Andrew Schofield - Yanıt

First of all congrats on the repair. The thing that looks like a supermarket tag could is an NFC antenna/coil. There is one in the P9 Lite too but not in the P9 we used for the guides which shows the EVA-L29; the EVA-L09 has an NFC antenna. We will update the guides to point that out. Thanks for your note.

Tobias Isakeit -

Thanks Tobias, bit worried about the antenna/coil now, but I never used radio anyway. Needed a metal spatula to scrape out the battery which was pretty well glued in, thankfully it didn’t go up in smoke. Main thing is I got the new battery in and it is holding charge much better than the old one, thanks!

Andrew Schofield - Yanıt

All went well, but how do you reattach the NFC antenne

John McLaughlin - Yanıt

Congrats and thanks for the question. For reassembly, place the NFC antenna on the battery where it was before so its contacts align with their counterparts.

Tobias Isakeit -

Ok, I just performed the operation with a minor emergency. And same as the guide says I advice to really discharge the battery and have a contingency plan in case of puncturing it. Freeway to the yard or another place that it can safely finish ‘boiling’.

I tried to be careful, but the adhesive used by the producer is so strong that you can rip the battery cover just by an attempt to lift it. I was not patient enough and got a boiling battery. Found remained functional luckily, but it was a close call.

Also what I will do next time is to wear protective glasses.

Glhf all

Bartłomiej Ochnio - Yanıt

Génial merci bcp !

Baptiste Frattina - Yanıt

A good guide. I’ve just replaced the battery on my 3 1/2 year old P9 and after reassembly the phone still works!

David Crane - Yanıt

Je viens juste de finir le remplacement de ma batterie, tout marche ! C’est magique :-) ! Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto vraiment très bien fait, même si j’ai galéré pour décoler la batterie à la fin !

I just finished replacing my battery, everything works! It's magic :-) ! Thanks a lot for this tutorial really well done, even if I had a hard time to take off the battery at the end !

Karine JALLEY - Yanıt

Huawei p9 battery

Md maksud Alam - Yanıt

Danke für den Ausgezeichneten Beitrag! Akkuwechsel lief ohne Probleme!

Markus - Yanıt

great guide I did it successfully

Mousa Alakesh - Yanıt

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