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Hold up a minute: is this an Apple Watch teardown or an AirPods teardown?

Like the Grinch's heart on Christmas, the Digital Crown has grown to three times its original size. Unlike the Grinch's heart, this Digital Crown handles the volume and playback controls for AirPods Max.

Along the bottom edge of the AirPods you'll find a few holes, but none of them are the friendly round 3.5 mm kind.

Instead, wired listening is handled by the Lightning port, pulling double duty for listening and charging. Oh, but you'll need to buy an extra cable for the listening part. That's real ... courageous, Apple.

The first step in disassembly is removing these magnetic ear cushions. An openly user-replaceable part on an AirPods product? We must have made the Nice List this year.

In case you were looking for the Apple logo on this pair of head speakers: it's here, just tucked away.

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