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On the back of the left ear cup, this square circuit board is home to Sony's QN1 processor and a Mediatek bluetooth SoC, among some other ICs. Here are full-sized images of both sides, for the curious.

On the back of the right ear cup: the battery! The connector is easy to access, but the 4.1 Wh cell rests on a tenacious adhesive pad. We used a little isopropyl alcohol to free it.

In both ear cups, all wires that pass through the plastic housing are hot glued in their holes. Because of this, moving components around on either side is tricky, and accessing the USB-C port or 3.5 mm jack underneath the driver housing is a pain.

Overall, not too bad. A couple misses, but refreshingly simple after that very long and winding AirPods slog:

All screws are Phillips 00; ear cushions, headband, buttons, and ports are all modular and replaceable.

The battery is a gluey mess and the disassembly path is slightly wonky.

Lots of hot glue and no friendly connectors for the 3.5 mm aux jack or drivers.

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