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Hair Dryer Won't Turn On

When plugged in the hair dryer won't start

Broken On/Off Switch

Before attempting anything else, try switching the on/off button to on and holding it down for multiple seconds. The button may be loose or you may need to press it with more force. If that doesn't work, unplug the hair dryer and press the reset button, either on the plug or on the hair dryer, then plug it back into the outlet. If the button seems completely broken click here to see how you can fix it.

Faulty Power Cord

Make sure that the plug is connected to an outlet in your wall. Examine the cord for any exposed wires that could be preventing electricity from reaching the hair dryer.

Defective Outlet Reset Buttons

If there is no clear solution, the problem likely lies in the outlet plug. Try pushing the reset button on the hair dryer before turning it on. If that does not work, then the buttons might be broken and you will need to get a new hair dryer.

Little to No Air Comes Out

The air stream is not forceful

Blockage in the Airways

Examine the nozzle for any easily removable blockages. Check for hairs or dust caught in the back grill. If no air comes out after removing all visible clogs, try opening your hair dryer to find any clogs that weren't visible. Hair may be stuck in the air motor, check this guide to see how you can remove it.

On the Wrong Setting

Double check that the setting button is switched to the highest setting.

Clogged Fan

If none of the previous solutions are successful, it is likely that the fan of motor needs to be cleaned. You can check this guide to see how you can remove it.

Unable to Switch Between Settings

No response from pressed buttons

Resin Buildup Inside the Device

Resin or oil build up affects the button's ability to function properly. Use either a towel or better, compressed air, to clean around the buttons. Check here to see how you can clean the buttons and make sure they work properly.

Faulty Buttons

If resin and oil build up is not the problem, it is likely the button switchboard has malfunctioned. To fix this, the switches may need to be replaced. Depending on which button is not responding, use either the Cold Shot Button Replacement Guide, Hot/Cold Button Replacement Guide, or the On/Off Button Replacement Guide to restore the functionality of the buttons.

Only Cold Air Comes Out

Hot air doesn't come out of the hair dryer

On the Wrong Setting

Verify that the button has clicked to the hottest setting and not stuck on the cool setting.

Faulty Heating Element

If the setting is on "Hot" and still only produces cold air, it is likely that there is a problem with the heating system. The heating system will need to be replaced or a new hair dryer must be bought.

Hair Dryer Shuts Off By Itself

Hair dryer stops running and won't turn back on


Using your hair dryer for more than 7-10 minutes can cause it to automatically shutdown. Unplug the device and let it cool down, preferably in a cool environment, for 2-3 minutes. Go back to normal use. The reset button may need to be pushed.

Hair Dryer is Scalding Hot

The hair dryer heats up to burning hot temperatures

Defective Heat Shield

If the hair dryer feels extremely hot to touch, the heat shield might be flawed and no longer insulating the heat coils in the hair dryer. Click here to check out how to replace it.

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If you have had your hair dryer more than 5 years is it time to replace it . As my hair dryer just shuts off . It dosnt come back on

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