No matter what you do, you can't get your Android to respond to your commands .

The phone may be powered off or needs to restart. To restart, hold the sleep/wake button down until the phone vibrates and screens brightens.

If your Android won't turn respond, your phone may simply not have a charge. Plug it in to the charger for a small time and then hold the switch on.

Even plugged in, the android won't charge. The charging light indicator does not turn on.

Many charging cables look the same but are slightly different from each other. Check to make sure that the cord you are using is the same that came with your device or is a chord built specifically for that device.

NOTE: The HTC Incredible 2 is compatible with the original HTC Incredible charger.

If it is the correct cord, it's input may be bent or dirty. Inspect it for bends or debris, then try again. If the device doesn't charge, it may have a bent or dirty input port. Check it as well, clean it if necessary. If it still won't' charge, then the port may be faulty and in need of repair or replacement.

The charge light indicates full battery but won't turn on.

Even if left connected to a charger, the phone won't respond to restart or any frantic inputs. It may be a dead battery, incapable of accepting a charge, and will need replacement. To replace the battery, follow the Battery Replacement guide.

Even with a working battery, the phone will not start if the power button is misaligned or faulty. If misaligned, it can easily be removed then re-inserted. If faulty, then the piece can easily be replaced. To re-insert or replace the power button, follow the Power Button Replacement guide.

NOTE: The power button is also known as the wake/sleep button.

The volume controls are unresponsive or hyper-sensitive.

Sometimes when you want to change the volume, the volume "jumps" the intended setting and maxes out or minimizes to vibrate mode. This is unavoidable as the volume buttons are naturally very sensitive. Avoid holding the buttons down and resort to only tapping the button gently to arrive at the desired audible setting.

If there is no change in volume, even if holding down or mashing the controls, then the buttons may be misaligned or faulty. If misaligned, they can easily be removed then re-inserted. If faulty, then the piece can easily be replaced. To re-insert or replace the volume button, refer to the Volume Button Replacement guide.

"Installing new apps or downloads won't fit on allocated memory."

It is possible to coax a little more memory from your device by moving data from the default space to the micro SD card. Go to your device settings (indicated by a gear icon). From there, scroll to applications, then click "Manage Applications". From there, you can click on an app and if it is not built-in to the phone, the you can move it to the card by pressing "Move to SD Card". If the app IS built in, then it is vital to how the phone naturally runs and cannot be moved.

If you have filled up the available storage space on the micro SD card, then you may wish to consider installing a fresh card with a larger capacity. Save as much information as you can wirelessly, then remove the original micro SD card and replace it with another. To re-insert or replace the micro SD card, refer to the Micro SD Card Replacement guide.

"The phone cannot access your user data or connect to the Internet."

If your data plan is fairly low, you can easily reach and exceed your allotted data by calling texting, or using the Internet. To solve this problem, contact your carrier to discuss upgrading your data plan to re-connect.

The SIM card is your account's "identification" on your phone. Moving a SIM card from phone to phone allows you to move your basic information (numbers, contacts, addresses, etc) and data plan to a new phone. If you cannot access your basic information or connect to the Internet, then the phone may not be reading a SIM card. It could be dismounted, faulty, or missing. To re-insert or replace the SIM card,refer to the SIM Card Replacement guide.

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