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Nexus 5X Troubleshooting

Nexus 5X is a 6th Generation Android cell phone developed by LG Corporation; With a 12.3 Mega Pixel camera and fast charging USB port.

Phone Will Not Turn On

Your phone is not turning on when you try and start is using the power button, this could be due to battery failure, charging failure, or motherboard failure.

Battery Failure

Your phone may be unable to stay charged without being plugged into the wall.

Try using a different charger or a different outlet

Replace the battery, click here for a Battery Replacement Guide.

Charging Failure

Your phone may be unable to charge due to a faulty charger, charging cable, or a faulty charging port on the phone.

First try replacing the charger, charger cable, or base. Alternatively, try a different outlet.

If you have tried using a different charger with no success then you may need to replace your charging port on the phone. Click here for a Motherboard Replacement Guide (this will bring you to the motherboard replacement guide; this is the easiest way to replace the charging port)

Motherboard Failure

Your phone may not be turning on due to you motherboard failing if your screen is displaying black with a flashing red light.

Replace your motherboard, you can click here for a Motherboard Replacement Guide.

Water Damage

"If you have recently dropped your phone into water and it is not responding or will not turn on"

If your phone is not turning on, gets stuck while loading the home screen, or always shuts down immediately after you try to turn it on you may need to replace your motherboard, you can click here for a Motherboard Replacement Guide .

If the water damage left behind corrosion on your motherboard, you will need to replace it to ensure your phone can fully function. To replace your motherboard you can click here for a Motherboard Replacement Guide.

Note: If you dropped your phone in water, it is most likely a motherboard issue but it is also possible for many other components to fail such as the battery and screen.

Screen Unresponsive

"Your screen does not respond when you touch it or lags in response time"

Cracked Screen

''Your screen is broken and you are unable to activate the touch response on your screen and can therefore not open any applications on your phone that require touch."

If your screen is cracked or broken, you may want to replace it using this guide Nexus 5X LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement

Low Battery

Your phone may not be responding because it needs more battery power to operate at full power, and some applications may not activate due to low battery.

If you have low battery, plug your phone into the wall for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Screen has lines across it

If your screen has lines across it, it could be the following issue:

Touchscreen Failure

Your touchscreen isn’t working or won’t let you click on any apps, or open any apps.

If your phone isn’t responding by touching the screen, try performing a soft reset: Turn off the phone, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds, then replace the battery, and turn the phone back on.

If that solution didn’t help you and you have already reset your phone, you may need to replace your screen.

Camera Not Working

Reasons your camera is not working could include the following issues:

Camera Application Failure

Your phone’s camera application won’t load or allow you to take any pictures

If this is the case, the first thing you can do is try to uninstall and reinstall the camera application to ensure it is not a software issue.

If that did not resolve your issue and you and you need to replace your camera you can click here for a Front-Facing Camera Replacement Guide or Rear-Facing Camera Replacement Guide.

Lens Cracked

Your phone is unable to take quality photos and pictures come out blurry, fuzzy, or dark.

If you experience any of the above issues, you need to replace your camera, you can click here for a Front-Facing Camera Replacement Guide or Rear-Facing Camera Replacement Guide.

Faulty Camera Flash

If you are experiencing trouble with your camera flash then continue reading:

Weak Flash

The camera flash is not as strong as it usually is and makes it difficult to get good pictures in dark areas with poor lighting

If you notice your camera flash is weak it could be an issue with battery optimization. Try going to configuration>battery>battery optimization. Then select the option "All Applications" and search for the Camera App. Select "No Optimize."

No Flash at all

The flash is not activated at all when using camera

Some users have noticed that the stock Camera App just seems to be faulty. Try downloading another Camera App like Camera NX and see if this fixes the problem.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi not working

Reasons your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are not working:

Proximity to Bluetooth Device

Your phone is unable to connect to any Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth devices.

First thing you can try is moving closer to the access point of either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device to ensure you are not out of range.

Invalid Credentials

You may have typed in the incorrect Bluetooth code.

To ensure that the device is paired with the correct Bluetooth device, disconnect and try again with the correct code and device name.

You may have typed in the incorrect Wi-Fi password

To ensure that you are trying to access the correct network with the correct password, disconnect or completely turn off Wi-Fi on the device and try again with the correct password.

Headphone Jack Failure

Reasons for Headphone Jack Failure are as follows:

Incompatible Headphones

The headphones you may attempting to use could be incompatible with the Nexus 5X

Try using headphones that are of the same brand or company to try and correct this issue.

Improper Headphone Installment

The headphones may not be not be properly seated in the jack

Make sure the headphones or AUX chord is properly in place by pushing them into the jack until an audible click is heard.

Broken or Malfunctioning Volume Buttons

Here are some possible scenarios having to do with broken volume buttons:

Dirt Around Buttons

There may be dirt or debris built up around the volume buttons on your phone

The area around your volume buttons may be dirty and causing them to stick and not work properly. Try cleaning the area with a Q-tip. First, power off your Nexus 5x. Then apply rubbing alcohol to one end of the Q-tip and clean the area around the buttons. Use the dry end of the Q-tip to dry the area after cleaning.

Scratched Motherboard

If your volume buttons are not responding when you try pressing them, you could have a scratch on your Motherboard, or something that is breaking the connection

Try replacing your Motherboard using this Motherboard Replacement Guide.

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Anyone with the bootloop problem has had any success reverting the 5X to life can share how to proceed?

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There is a fix by now

i know probably a bit late but mabye it help someone

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My 5x does not let me answer incoming calls

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