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Toshiba A1304T Troubleshooting

No Service

I get little to no service.

Bad Location

You may be experiencing signal interference, especially if inside a building or somewhere secluded. Try moving to a more open area and checking if your signal improves.

Broken/Malfunctioning Antennae

The cellphone antennae may not be working. Unfortunately, the antennae is difficult to remove, and it requires replacing the entire back case. If so inclined, however, see the back case guide.

Cut Off Service

Your service may have been severed by Toshiba. Contact information can be found at their contact page.

Cellphone does not function

I try to turn it on, but nothing occurs.

Dead battery

If no lights or sounds occur when attempting to turn on the phone, the battery may have simply run out of energy. Try charging the cellphone in an electrical outlet for several hours before continuing. If this does not solve the problem, but the cellphone does work while plugged in, the battery is defective and should be replaced. See the battery replacement guide.

Dead LCD screen

If only a light turns on when starting the cell phone, the LCD screen is most likely defective. See the LCD screen replacement guide for removal. (Note: There is a small chance that the LCD screen only has a bad connection with the upper logic board. Check to see that the ribbon was properly attached to the LCD screen before considering replacement.)

Broken Cellphone parts



The screens on the inside or outside of the phone has cracks, dead pixels, discolorations, or blots. The best option is to simply replace the flawed screen(s). See the inside screen ( main LCD screen ) or outside screen (mini LCD screen ) guides.


The cellphone antennae has cracked or was snapped off. Unfortunately, the antennae is incredibly difficult to remove, and it requires replacing the entire back case. Antennaes are not necessary in modern phones, but if so inclined, see the back case guide.


Some keys on the keypad have cracked, do not function, or have worn over time. See the keypad replacement guide. If this does not resolve the situation, the logic board may be the source of the problem.


The pictures taken by the camera are black. Make sure the camera lens is not being obstructed by dirt, and there is good lighting in the area. If the camera still does not work, see the camera replacement guide.

Problems still exist

Well, now what?

Bad Logic Board

If replacing any of these parts does not result in a working cellphone, it may be that the logic boards of the phone have malfunctioned. This can occur over time or from misuse of the cellphone. If it is believed that the logic board may be the problem, follow the logic board guide.

User Manual

The User Manual for the Toshiba A1304T is available in english. It may be useful.

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