Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D Troubleshooting

bold text== Device won’t connect to Wifi ==

You are unable to access the internet because your device is not connected to Wifi.

Wifi connection won't register ¶ 

Your device may have failed to connect to the router, the source of the Wifi signal, automatically and you may need to reconnect manually. Go to the device’s Settings application and go to Wifi. If the name of the Wifi connection you are trying to connect to is not listed, it is probably an issue with your Wifi network, not your device. If it is listed but you can't connect, try turning the wifi off and then on again.

Too far from source ¶ 

You may be too far from the wifi source. Try physically moving the device closer to the source of the Wifi. This will strengthen the connection and make it more likely you’re able to connect.

Device won’t connect to a computer ¶ 

Your device and computer won’t recognize each other.

Dust in ports ¶ 

There may be something in the ports, try blowing in both the usb and device’s ports. Blowing can help if the cord is connected properly, but still does not register the connection.

Twisted cord ¶ 

The cord may be twisted. Try untwisting the cord, if the cord has been used a lot and may have started to become worn. A new cord may be necessary if none of these solutions suffice.

Device will not turn on ¶ 

The tablet has a black screen no matter how long you hold down the power button.

Device is out of battery ¶ 

The device may not have a charge. Try charging your device, but if this does not work see the device will not charge section.

Device needs to be reset ¶ 

Resetting the device is a last resort option, once attempting a reset, using the hard reset instructions below, but all of your data will be erased.

Display is broken ¶ 

Your display may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the display: Display Replacement Guide.

Device will not charge ¶ 

The device doesn’t register when it is plugged into a power source and is out of batteries.

Cable not plugged in completely ¶ 

The cable may not be completely plugged in, make sure your device’s cable is plugged into both the device and the charger’s USB port.

Dust in ports ¶ 

Small dust particles can be in the ports, disrupting the flow. Try blowing in both the usb and device’s ports if it is connected properly but still not registering the connection.

Twisted the cord ¶ 

The cord may be twisted, untwisting the cord may help if the cord has been used a lot and is starting to become worn. A new cord may be necessary if none of these solutions suffice.

Battery is broken ¶ 

Your battery may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the battery: Battery Replacement Guide.

Faulty Charge Port ¶ 

Charge port may be loose or damaged, resolder/replace charge port.

Apps are crashing ¶ 

An app or multiple apps will not open without crashing.

Device needs to restart ¶ 

The device needs to restart and possibly update. Try holding down the power button until you are prompted to power down your device. Press the power button again once it has powered down.

Apps are out of date ¶ 

If your apps continue to crash, reinstall the apps that are crashing. You can also try updating your device if there is an update available. If none of these solutions work, try a hard reset.

Forgot my password ¶ 

I can’t access my device because it’s locked by a password I don’t know.

Cannot access device ¶ 

Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve a forgotten password besides resetting the device. See hard reset instructions.

Apps will only install on the device’s internal storage ¶ 

The device’s internal storage is full but you’d like to download more apps.

Not enough storage ¶ 

If your device’s internal storage is full and you’d like to download additional apps, you’ll have to make room by moving some of your content, excluding apps, from the internal storage onto an SD card.

Need more storage ¶ 

There is very little or no storage remaining.

Nothing else can be added to the device ¶ 

The amount of storage on the device is running out. If you have a MicroSD card available you can insert it into the MicroSD slot to make additional storage available.

Camera not working ¶ 

The camera won't take photos.

Camera is broken ¶ 

Your camera may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the camera: Camera Replacement Guide.

Speaker not working ¶ 

The speaker won't output sound.

Speaker is broken ¶ 

Your speaker may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the speaker: Speaker Replacement Guide.

Hard Reset ¶ 

I have run out of options and am okay with losing my personal data on the device.

Option 1 ¶ 

Push the reset button on the back of the tablet.

Option 2 ¶ 

1.) Press and hold the volume and power button until you see the startup screen.

2.) Press the volume up 5 times to access recovery menu.

3.) Use volume up and down to make selection, use the power button to select selection.

4.) Select wipe data.

5.) Select reboot system now.

Option 3 ¶ 

If the reset button is not registering a manual push and the software reset is not working, you may need to replace the reset button. Follow this guide to replace the reset button: Reset Button Replacement Guide.

11 Yorum

Tablet blinks off an on will not reset

bradtroy76 - Yanıt

Hey did u ever get it tablet to working? Mine is still blinking

Mandi Bentley -

I followed the instructions to reset the tablet, but it didn't reset! I need to reset the device so that I can use my password, not the previous owners password. Ugh...!!

SEALO - Yanıt

I bought mine at a yard sale. It is hooked up to my wifi but I can't download any apps. I am wanting to download Kindle app and a solitaire game.

burgerbites13 - Yanıt

My Tablet is coming to the screen but wont let me touch it

samuel - Yanıt

For some reason when I plug in my headphones they won't play people's voices but they will play the bg music

Jacob Peacy - Yanıt

My tablet was letting me download apps and what not. Now it starts downloading, then just stops. No notification. No nothing. I can't download any new apps. It still downloads updates but nothing else.

cheddarbob4111 - Yanıt

Tablet will not receive signal from any source

carriegaddison - Yanıt

The problem is a small plastic that stick with the charger. If you don't put it back to the unit hole, it won't charge again.

mannyolaer - Yanıt

i think these tablet are nothing but rip offs and customer need to get their money back.

jbjjohnson - Yanıt

My tablet turns on home page but the small tab menu that you touch are not there.

Deb - Yanıt

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