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A wide range of repair guides and support for the consumer-grade laptop computer line by Toshiba.

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Internet connection keeps being lost

Hi! A persistent problem with internet in my laptop. While all other devices like smart phones and even smart tv have internet through wifi, laptop loses the connection. It either shows "connecting" or it says "no internet, secured". Sometimes internet connection is ok but most of the time not. I must restart laptop and router and wifi and sometimes it works sometimes I have to do it several times before making it work. I hope I gave enough info for you. If not I will give additional info if needed. Thank you in advance for iour help.

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Ok so this started a few weeks ago and for no particular reason I would lose connection and the laptop would show my network as being unidentified.

There was never a problem with any other device , phones etc.

After numerous retries it would eventually connect.

I found today that the Router, a Frontier (Greenwise) device had defaulted to WPA2 and the laptop was set to WEP as it has always been.

I set the Laptop to WPA2 and entered my password and bingo! it connected as soon as I pulled the Ethernet cord out of the Router


Been running for 48 hours now. Totally solid connection


I have a Toshiba Satellite S55T-B5273NR and it does the same thing. Sometimes it connects to my wifi and most of the time it doesn't. But my mobile phone and desktop have no issues. Why is that?


Hi @Dennis Randle ,

Does it connect and stay connected OK if you use the laptop as close as possible to the WiFi router?

If so just wondering if there is an antenna problem in the laptop.


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What is the model number of your laptop?

What OS is installed on the laptop? Have you got the latest WiFi network adapter drivers appropriate to your laptop and OS installed?

Does the WiFi work OK when you are very close, (I mean very close) to the router? If so perhaps there is a loose WiFi antenna connection in the laptop

Download, install and run a WiFi scanner program on your laptop (this one is free, there are others if you prefer, just search online for WiFi scanner program). Use it to check the WiFi signal level, received by your laptop. Remember that the signal level is in -ve values, therefore the higher the number the lower the signal strength, e.g. -100dBm is weaker than -93dBm.

If you are receiving low level signals then perhaps the antenna connection to the WiFi is loose.

Also another way to improve WiFi (although perhaps not in your case as other devices are OK) is to check which 'channel' your network is using. By default most networks use Channels 1, 6 or 11. If you find that the scanner detects other networks using the same channel as yours and their signal is relatively strong in comparison to yours then change the channel in the router to a 'quieter' one (one that doesn't appear in the scanner list of channels or has minimal appearances ) to minimize any possible degradation to your network through interference.

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Hi @agdian ,

Are you using Intel, Toshiba or Windows drivers for the WiFi adapter, and is the adapter a 3845 or a 3945? The reason I ask is that I cannot find any info on the Intel website regarding PRO/Wireless 3845 only 3945 and their support ended with Win 7.

Try 'uninstalling' the WiFi adapter in Device Manager, restarting the laptop and then allowing Windows to 'find' new hardware to reinstall the WiFi adapter. This way perhaps it will install 'generic' Win 10 drivers for the WiFi and not others e.g. Toshiba or old Intel, which may not be compatible with Win 10.

Although since you were having problems with Win 7 installed perhaps the adapter is intermittently faulty.


Hi @jayeff. Model is a300, OS Windows 10 (but the same problem was with previous Windows 7). I checked to network adapters( intel prowireless 3845abg network connextion, marvell yukon fast ethernet controller and 8 miniports) and it says all are up to date. Laptop is 3 meters from wifi in the same room. I checked with wifi analyzer and it is on top of other wifi in reach and it is 8 dbm. I did not mention that sometimes appears a yellow triangle with a black exclamation point and in that case my laptop does not even recognise "my" wifi like " Can't connect to this network". My guess is either adapter is faulty or maybe wifi router, taken that other deviced do not face the same problem. How to test it? Again thank you Jayeff!


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Sometimes it's just a matter of turning off all Wireless, or even all networking, and then reactivating it again. With Windows, the equivalent is to disable the network device, and then re-enable it. In Windows, you may have to disable networking all together and then reactivate it.

OR try reinstalling the network driver for your laptop.

If this doesn’t work, go to Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center. There, check if the Wireless network card shows as disabled… if it is disabled, right-click on it and click Enable. Click yes on the UAC Window if prompted. Wait for confirmation that the card is enabled. You should see the Wireless icon on the Taskbar.

Also, check the PC Settings ( Windows 10 ) and see if wifi shows up.

Having issue then read '''Toshiba laptop won’t connect'''

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