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Announced in August 2017, the Galaxy Note8 is the successor to the recalled Galaxy Note7. The Note8 was made available to the public for purchase in September of 2017.

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Note8 randomly restarts when idle

I have searched all over the place for anything that works but no luck, so asking sharper minds.

My Note8 phone started refstarting randomly if left idle. The deets:

Have tried settings, updates, safe mode, cache wipes, factory resets etc multiple times. Not better even without loading backed up data and apps.

A reboot is usually every 3-10 minutes

Reboots in full; functions properly when not restarting

Can stay on as long as there is battery unless lock screen is dismissed

Stays on connected to the laptop/charger.

I concluded this may be a faulty battery as I let it run dry a few times since upgrading to a newer Note.


If I let Audible (ebook reader) or YouTube run in the background. It is a continuous operation and the phone does not restart until the app is closed. (Phone restarts with or without Audible installed so the app does not seem to be the problem).

Does it seem like the battery to anyone else, wven with the apps functioning?

Or should I reflash Samsung stock ROM. Those seem like the only options to me. Anything?

Thanks for taking the time. 

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I don't know but was wondering if this might work as described and give you a better indication of the state of the battery.

Has the tablet been dropped or gotten wet at all?

The only other thing that I can think of is to replace the battery and check. This will at least eliminate or confirm it as the problem

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Battery health shows up at 83% with data from one recharge.


Hi @Aahd

You would think that 83% for a full charge would be OK, not the best but still OK, and that it shouldn't happen.

Also you said that it happens every ~10 minutes, do you know the amount of the battery charge remaining when this occurs? Just wondering if it were at <50% charge left that it might occur more frequently whereas it mightn't at >50% charge left which to me would indicate a failing battery. Maybe you can keep a check of the amount of battery charge when the tablet is on and then check again immediately after it has restarted and see if it shows nearly the same or if it is a lot different.

Also how long does a full charge last? If it is getting less all the time with normal usage, maybe another indicator for a failing battery

Not happening when on the charger and given all that you have tried it's looking like a hardware problem and at the moment the battery is the most likely reason.

As a DIY repair all you can do is to change the battery unless you can find the schematics for the systemboard somewhere. (I haven't found them, maybe you'll be luckier)

Here's the ifixit Note 8 battery replacement guide if you decide to replace it.


Thanks @jayeff for taking the time. Much appreciated.

The battery seems to hold decent charge and whether it is fully charged or low on battery, the frequency of reboots is not affected.

But yes, the battery seems to be my only option left unless anyone has another idea. I have tried re-flashing the official ROM and as soon as the downloads and updates finished and the phone was idle, it reset within minutes again.


Even I have the same issue...

Did you fix it?😊 @ Aahd


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Install wakelock v3 app from play store.

I fixed my note 8 which had the same problem by installing it.

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