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Logitech Z906 will not turn on?

I have 2 Logitech Z906 systems that have been working properly. One now will not turn on, no lights, nothing.

I have checked the fuse and power to the end of the input plug, All seems fine. I did see somewhere about holding the power button on the remote for 8+ seconds to reset but this didn’t do anything either.

Anyone help please, I’m perfectly competant to pull it apart; although not an electrician I am an engineer and could probably/possibly fix it with guidance.

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Hi @krisdvv

You will need to open up the defective and inspect the board.

I have a feeling the internal SMPS might be having issues, inspect the smd components carefully. somehow i think something must has shorted and burnt the smd resistors


OK I thought something like that, but I have no idea what I'm looking for or how to test it?


I Have the same issue. Got in touch with Logitech for help but they said they don’t have a repair place and could not help. Need help as I am confused why mine just stopped working.


I have attached some images to see if anyone can figure whats wrong


@Tony Whyte

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Ask a NEW question on ifixit and attach the images to it.

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HOW TO FIX IF SUBWOOFER IS OK BUT CONTROL UNIT NOT WORKING : Attempt 1) Turned on unit, got zero lights. Tried the Logitech Factory Reset (Turn off control unit, then hold the input button for 8 seconds) and saw 2 input lights turn on, but no sound. Tried this procedure several times, and got 3 inputs lights, then tried again, now with 4 input lights on, but again no sound or other lights. Attempt 2) Disconnected power to subwoofer for 30 seconds, and tried Factory Reset again, with same results as Attempt 1, but now with 3 input lights on. Attempt 3) Disconnected cable from Control Unit to subwoofer, waited 30 seconds, tried Factory Reset yet again, with same results as Attempt 1. Attempt 4) Disconnected power to Subwoofer and Control Unit cable. Waited 60 seconds and tried Factory Reset again, and got same results as Attempt 2 - No Joy. Attempt 5) Found this video, and although was not that helpful, tried Attempt 4 yet again several more times and on the last try, this time it works, and my Z906 is back to normal ! Lesson Learned : You may have to power the subwoofer down and disconnect the control cable and then try the Factory Reset Proceedure more than a few times to get your Z906 back into its working state !

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This actually worked for me! Turned PC on in the morning no sound, Z906 would not power on.

Powered unit off for 30 seconds and then held input down until lights came on. Boom, fixed.

Thanks Dave!


Worked in first attempt.. Thanks.. 😊🙏


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Had the same issue with my z906. Visited a shop who took half an hour to replace a part that was used as a safeguard to protect the motherboard from overvoltage. He then said that he added an additional safeguard which looked like a small blue balloon, that if in future there is an overvoltage, only that part need to be replaced, and that will take only a few minutes.

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What king of a shop did you take it to as I would like to get mine fixed ??


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Hi @krisdvv ,

Post some close up images of the board(s) back here and hopefully someone will spot what you can't.

Here's how to do this on ifixit Adding images to an existing question

The 3 images in Reply post #30 of this link shows what the damage may look like in your speakers if it suffered from the same problem but maybe not. Click on the images to get a close up view

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