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A treadmill is a device for walking or running while staying in the same place.

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Our son plugged in our treadmill (US 110V) when we moved to France

Our son plugged in our (US, 110V ) treadmill when we moved to France. A strong burning smell followed and the treadmill no longer works. It the motor ruined? Or is it possible that the burning smell indicates something that burned out (say a protection devise) before the motor was affected?

I emailed the maker of the motor to ask about replacement (Taiwan) and received no response.

Do you know if new motor is needed and if so, where to shop for one.

I have pictures of the motor but not sure how yo share on this forum. (private)

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Hi @sandramkb,

What is the make and model number of the treadmill?

It may be that the power supply for the treadmill is protected by a surge suppressor (aka MOV or varister) and also a fuse mounted on the power board or control board of the treadmill. So hopefully that is all that has been damaged by the application of a higher mains input supply voltage.

Open up the treadmill and trace where the power cord connects to on a board. It may go through an on/off switch first before connecting to a board.

Post some close up images of the board, especially if there is any apparent component damage or even if not. Others may spot something that you don't.

If there is a board with a damaged varister on it, have a sniff as they can give off a strong odour when blown. Also try to check for any value markings or other information on it so as to make it easier getting the correct value replacement. Do not touch it with your fingers because sometimes the markings get blurred or just rub off when touched

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Since the motor is likely powered by DC current (and any system controls such as the display need DC current as well), there should be a transformer inside of your treadmill. This transformer board was likely fried because of the higher voltage. The burning smell you experienced was likely caused by either a wire burning, or a capacitor/diode breaking. It is possible that not only the transformer was broken, but the motor as well, however; replacing the transformer is the first logical step.

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