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Why is my oil light on .?

my oil light has came on n i was wondern if there is sumthing wrong

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when was the last time you had an oil and filter change? How many miles on your engine?


After the oil light came on i changed the oil and its still on. It has alot of miles on it. But it does not smoke and it runs and still sounds good.i keep the oil changed every time the oil gets dirty.


Did you change the oil filter as well? As stupid as this may sound, some people only change the oil, not the filter. Very dirty oil can cause a oil pressure light, and even check engine light to come on. Also, first step, check the oil level, make sure its correct, that is oil level should be clean and up to the second mark. If it is, your problem is not oil level. Second, procede to check the oil sending unit, the sensor that sends the electrical signal to the car computer telling there mught be a problem. Usually, it is the oil pressure sending unit that fails, causing the oil light to come on. Make sure that the electrical connector is properly connected to the sensor, if it is not reconnect it. If oil light on dashboard still on, remove oil pressure sensor, see if it is leaking oil in the back, if it is, replace sensor with new one. Then, reconnect sensor. If your problem was the oil pressure sensor, the light on the dashboard should desappear. If it does not, then, you need to check for oil pressure.


.... To check for oil pressure, remove oil sending unit, and connect a oil pressure gage. Be very carefull not to crossthread the hole, otherwise it will become your nightmare. Find the right adapter that will fit your engine block hole, then tighten by hand ONLY, very slow and gently clockwise or to the right. Find out correct oil pressure for your vehicle, google it first. Once you know the specified oil pressure, start the car. As a general rule for all cars oil pressure should be 10 PSI at idle, and 50 at 2500 RPM. However, follow your specified oil pressure for your car. Compare that with the gages result. If your oil pressure is low, it means your engine is getting old and the bearings inside are worn as well as the connecting rod bearings, and the spaces or cleareances between the moving parts are too big, which causes the engine to lose the proper oil pressure. Its could also be a restriction in the oil pump or pick up tube, which has a screen that its not letting oil to flow correctly...


However, to get an accurate result, make sure your car reaches operating temperature before connecting the pressure gage on the engine block. If you heard a knocking noise coming from the engine, while driving it means that the engine inside was starving for oil, and it was running dry due to an oil leak somewhere, or the engine is burning too much oil, which is an indication that the engine is worn out. If you do have an oil leak, your oil pressure could be affected as a result, depending of how big is the leak, repair the leak. If you have no oil leak, and determine the engine is burning oil inside, then your valve seats are worn as well as your seals, which means is passing into the combustion chamber, or the space between the head engine and block. However, in my experience, it is usually, an oil pressure sending unit or sensor that goes bad that causes the oil light to come on. I hope this is your problem, because if the light is still on after changing th oil and filter and both are clean, level is ok


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charles, first check your oil level and make sure that you do have enough oil in there. If your oil is at the proper level (check your dipstick markings) it is possible that you either have a bad oil pressure switch, a ground fault in the wire or bad compression on your engine, or a bad oil pump. You can do an Oil Pressure Switch Test

1. Disconnect the Yel/Red Wire from the oil pressure switch.

2. There should be continuity between the positive terminal and the engine(ground) with the engine stopped. There should be no continuity when the engine runs.

Block Image

Let us know what you find so that we may continue to assist you. Good Luck

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When the oil light is on, it is notifying you that there is not enough oil pressure in the engine to protect it. DO NOT RUN THE ENGINE IN THIS CONDITION. Doing so can cause permanent engine damage very quickly. Verify that your engine is not low on oil, that is the most common cause of no oil pressure.

You can test the circuit from the oil pressure switch to the light in the dash without running the engine. With the ignition key to the "on" position (but the engine not running), the oil light should be on. If you disconnect the wire from the oil pressure switch, the light should go off. If it does not, the wire is grounded somewhere between the switch and the light in the dash. If it works as described, the switch is telling you that there is no oil pressure. You can remove the switch and connect a pressure gauge to verify whether or not there is oil pressure, or simply replace the switch if you think it is faulty (should be around $10 for a new one).

If there is no oil pressure, you may have a clogged oil pickup in the oil pan or something wrong with the oil pump itself. The oil pump is replaceable without pulling the engine, but it may not be something you want to try yourself. You will need to remove the timing belt and the oil pan to get to the pump and the oil pickup, if you have to go that far you probably should replace the timing belt and the water pump while you have it apart.

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The oil light comes on, if the oil pressure switch senses a loss in oil pressure. The first step is to check for oil level on the dipstick. If the oil level is ok, then check the oil pressure sending unit, if the oil level is low add oil to proper level. Sometimes, the oil pressure switch or sensor goes bad activating the oil light on the dashboard. When you remove the oil pressure switch if you see it soaked with oil, replace the switch. The oil light should come off. It it doesnt then you need to test the oil pressure with a pressure gage, which should be 10 psi at idle and 60 at 3000 rpm, by hooking up the tester where the oil sensor lives. If the test does not meet the above, there might be an obstruction in the pick up tube, or the engine main bearings are worn out. Simply your engine is worn. Oil pressure is not generated by the oil pump, but by the clearinances between the moving parts of the engine, particulary the main bearings, cap bearings. The oil pump only moves volume. If this is your problem, the im sorry because your engine needs to come apart. I suggest a remanufactured engine instead of overhauling because the costs are high. One from a salvage yard already tested or in good decent condition.

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Additional information.

It's fairly common for this to be a simple oil pressure sensor / sending unit issue on Honda's.

If engine oil pressure is an issue the engine will typically run very rough, but caution should be used to prevent an engine failure.

Then sensor is typically located on mount where the oil filter is screwed on.

This can be a bit tricky to access, but can be done with patience and typically wrenches vs using sockets.

Remove the airfilter and airbox if they are obstructing the access to the sensor.

There will be a rubber boot protecting the single wire. It will likely distengrate during removal, but pry carefully to try to salvage it.

Remove the old sensor and connect a pressure test kit.

Run the engine and let it warm up. Typically on older models the cooling fan should come on a couple of times.

At idle you should have at least 14psi

At 3000 RPM it should be 54- 60 psi.

Check it a few times to confirm.

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I have the same problem! Oil light on and lightly blinking (never totally goes off, just fades and then gets bright). There is plenty of oil, my mechanic replaced the oil sending unit about a year ago. The engine runs fine but it smells hot. Temperature gauge is perfect, does not go up when running but oil light stays on. To clean the pickup in the pan, I guess remove the pan, clean all parts then reinstall pan, filter and oil? 355,000 miles and it runs great, just smells HOT and the oil light fades in and out!


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