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Dr Phone Fix Headquarters

It’s true! DrPhoneFix can repair your broken Smartphone, Tablet, Video Game Console, or PC in a matter of minutes. We are quickly expanding due to our honesty, reliability, and positive feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers.

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(954) 392-5520

16263 Miramar Pkwy
Miramar, FL 33027

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DrPhoneFix was founded in 2008 by Bill Daragan and Timothy Phelps in Miami, Florida. It was at this time that they transformed their existing mall kiosks from selling cell phone accessories to also repairing cell phones and tablets. On the heels of the success of the kiosks, they opened a full-fledged retail Headquarters operation in Plantation, Florida in 2011. As Bill and Tim gained more knowledge and experience in the industry they opened a store in Miramar FL, then another in Davie FL. The high demand for cell phone repairs influenced them to sell license agreements allowing other entrepreneurs to share in the success of DrPhoneFix. The first licensed operation opened in Oxford, Alabama in 2012. Currently, more locations are opening in the South Florida area.