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Trouble Shooting

If you are having any difficulties with your HP Pavilion laptop, please reference the troubleshooting page here.

Background and Identification

The HP Pavilion 15 was the 5th generation from HP, released in 2015. It is identified by the model number that is located on the bottom of the laptop on a sticker where it gives both the model and serial number; the model number for the HP Pavilion is 15-ab165us. The HP Pavilion laptop comes in a glossy silver color making it both elegant and classy. In this model of the HP Pavilion laptop, it possesses a 15.6-inch screen, a 1TB hard drive and has the capability for up to 8 hours of battery life. Like most PCs, it has the operating system of Windows 10.

Some HP Pavilions sold between the years of March 2013-August 2015 ended up having to be recalled due to the fact that some of the batteries were faulty and had the potential to both overheat and posed a fire and/or burn hazards to its users. Since it was released in 2015, it has been replaced by newer laptops with newer and more powerful Intel core processors. While this product is an older model, it is a reliable model able to perform all basic functions, and parts are still able to be purchased on websites like Amazon.

Knowing information like this, it means that this device does not need to be thrown away or needs to go to a landfill.

Additional Information

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