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We repair technicians must follow a code of ethics. These statements define how we run our business. We promise to always observe the following:

Honesty in Business

I am honest in business dealings. My contracts, invoices, bills, statements of work, and all other business documents are accurate and honest.

Integrity in Advertising

Advertising for my company and services does not stretch the truth or misrepresent reality.

Privacy with Client Data

All private information that my clients share with me is confidential. All data on the software/hardware I work with is kept confidential. When I refurbish or recycle hardware, all user data is removed according to data security best practices.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

All e-waste generated by my business is recycled responsibly and in accordance with all local laws.

Respect for the Law

I abide by all local, regional, and national laws dealing with my business, employees, taxes, e-waste, and software licensing.

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Wonderfully stated. Very excited to see this professional community growing for the benefit of all of us and our customers!

adamcwheeler - Yanıt

Thanks, Adam—Glad to see you're in the Pro Talk forum, too!

Jeff Snyder -

I think this is a wonderful creed and will be following this to every word. I would love to have this on my website so that my customers can also see what I base my work on. Can I have your permission to copy this?

Ryan Phillips - Yanıt

Yes—feel free to share the Repair Technicians' Creed with your customers in any way you like.

Jeff Snyder -

nice to see that some people still have integrity. thanks for giving me hope the all is not lost in this country. marco


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