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One disadvantage of retro console controllers is the cable. Tethered at a specific distance from the console, most controller cables wind up on the floor which makes them prone to being stepped on. Floors, from a medical perspective, are assumed to always be dirty even immediately after being cleaned. There's a reason for this...

Imagine all the things you step in, while wearing your shoes, throughout an average day. Need I remind you of the dreaded public restroom? The bottoms of your shoes are among some of the dirtiest things around. Now imagine you or your kids stepping on your cords on a regular basis. Even if it looks clean a bleach wipe will quickly prove you wrong.

This is the easiest part of the refurbishing process. Simply put on some gloves, grab a bleach wipe and start rubbing down your controller cable. I recommend going both directions down the cord. By that I mean start at the base of the controller cord, down to the console port and then reverse the direction. I've found that simply going from top to

bottom isn't sufficient enough for some of the more stubborn dirt that's near the console port. Reversing the direction seems to be the easy fix for removing that dirt at the end of the cable. Repeat this process, using as many wipes as necessary, to remove this dirt/bacteria. You'll feel an instant difference when it's dry and it'll almost feel

like new. When you're satisfied with the cleanliness of the cord take your electronics cleaner and spray inside the console port to clean the inside and ensure a clean and solid connection when you plug in your controller. This step is now complete. It's time to go sanitize everything else.

I wear gloves through most of this process in order to prevent touching the chemicals and to prevent my own skin oils from affecting the end result of the plastic finish. Wearing gloves is purely optional but it is recommended. Gloves are not necessary during the cleaning process when only using soap but if you're doing several controllers your

hands won't dry out from all the washing and your skin will thank you.

This is one of the cleaner controller cords I've cleaned. There's many variables that will affect how dirty your cord is so results will vary here. Used controllers are usually much dirtier than this one.

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