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Place your buttons, and front controller shell on a clean paper towel. Face the buttons upward so any residual polish drips onto the sides. Following the directions on the back of the bottle, spray the Novus Polish #1 on the top of the shell and buttons. Let them sit for a moment and wipe them dry with a clean microfiber or lint free cloth.

Use the same rag to wipe the inside of the shell to remove any dried up water marks that remain from the washing.

Take care around the screw posts as they can break off. If this happens simply reattach the broken piece with a small amount of super glue/crazy glue.

Don't totally rush the reassembly process. Make sure EVERYTHING is dry before proceeding. Place a small fan in front of all your wet/damp pieces for faster dry times or even better use an airgun and you can usually remove most of the moisture. Depending on the time of day I might just let the pieces sit over night to air dry.

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