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If you're restoring a white shell controller you're only polishing the buttons in this step.

Here's where your aluminum foil, microfiber clothes, Novus Plastic Polish #2 and dish soap comes into play. Following the instructions on the back of the bottle, apply and buff polish to the buttons/shell until you're satisfied with results. I personally repeat this process 3 times.

After the final coat is applied I use the dish soap to do a final clean of the shell and to remove any remaining polish. I use the dish soap because it's a little thicker, and lathers more which helps get the remaining polish off.

This process is tedious and slightly time consuming. I average 1-1.5hrs work time when polishing, buffing, rinsing and repeating 3 times and the final clean with dish soap. The end results are worth it but you can polish your stuff as much as you feel is necessary.

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