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If your restoring a white controller then you are only cleaning the buttons, rubber pads and VMU slot holder.

Grab your remaining parts to be cleaned and clean them using hot/warm water and antibacterial soap. Remember, the idea with all this is to remove the previous user(s) bacteria.

A toothbrush or nail brush works really well at cleaning the hard to reach places that water pressure alone won't clean. Use them to clean the buttons if there's dirt in the A/X/B/Y indention and the circular indention on the front shell. If you're cleaning a white shell this should have been in Step 3.

When cleaning the rubber pad that goes with your D-Pad be careful not to loose the little plastic piece in the center as it does separate from the rubber pad. Without it your D-Pad won't function properly if at all.

When you've finished cleaning your remaining pieces set the rubber pads and VMU slot holder out of the way to air dry. You are done with these pieces until the reassembly process.

I HIGHLY recommend using a strainer of some sort that fits your sinks drain for this step. If you loose these pieces down the drain you'll have two choices: 1) Go fishing for them in the pipes or 2) Purchase replacement buttons

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