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Background & Identification

The Dell Latitude E6520 was released in 2011 and offers quad core processing and 15" full HD graphics. The device also includes a reinforced casing for protection, a back-lit keyboard, USB 3.0, and a variety of battery options. The laptop weighs 5.52 lbs and its dimensions are 15.12" x 10.16" x 1.11".

The following instructions will help identify your device:

1. Locate the long and thin identification tag on the bottom of the device.

2. In the search box on Dell's Service Website, search for your device using the Service Tag (S/N) number.

3. The website will direct to a page that identifies the specific device information.

4. The displayed Dell laptop should have the model number E6520 .


Hard Drive


Additional Information

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Dell Latitude E6520 Owner's Manual PDF

Basic Information and Features

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